Britney Spears Just Staged An Epic, Impromptu Fashion Show On IG

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Britney Spears' Instagram feed has officially become a "must follow." The singer uses the social media service as an incredibly effective tool to communicate with fans and her recent posts will have you doing the double tap almost constantly. Britney Spears' latest Instagram fashion show found the "…Baby One More Time" singer modeling five totally different yet incredibly Britney-esque outfits with her signature adorable sass. Spears was clearly having a good time as she swapped clothing and posed in front of a mirror with her smartphone for the video.

Spears wore several summer-ready looks that suit a variety of occasions. Each outfit featured fresh colors and styles. The only constant was the chunky and strappy brown heels that she wore while strutting her sartorial stuff. In the caption of the post, Spears joked, "Sometimes I have more than 1 OOTD." This clip certainly proves that fashion fact.

The low-key fashion video was also a peek into her life, though it's not the first time Spears has pulled back the curtain to give the Britney Army a glimpse of what she has been up to as of late. Last month, she shared a clip celebrating her brand new haircut and highlights. A few days later, she followed up with a quick tour of her massive walk-in closet, which members of her team had just organized by color.

Now, Spears has likely shown off some of those newly organized clothes via this impromptu Instagram fashion show. Here's every outfit she wore, all the while tossing her voluminous and wavy mane of blonde hair around like a tried and true supermodel. Her music may be her claim to fame but Spears clearly has modeling chops, too.


White Mini

Spears started with a fitted, off-white mini with one shoulder exposed and one long sleeve. The glamorous and geometric frock looked like something the singer would wear to the red carpet of the MTV VMAs or the Billboard Music Awards.


A Mini & A Crop Top

Her second outfit was a red pencil skirt, which she paired with a lacy and cropped black tank top. She finished off her OOTD with a big brim straw hat with a black band. Spears appeared so ready for a mid-day, outdoor lunch in Hollywood. It was as though the hat could serve a sun protection purpose, in addition to being stylish.


Metallic Blue Mini

The third ensemble was a superhero-like, metallic blue mini dress with a bright pink top. It was the closest thing to one of her performance or stage outfits worn during this casual fashion show. But it also looked like something she could slay at a club or some music industry afterparty.


Not-So-Mellow Yellow Dress

Outfit No. 4 was a clingy yellow dress with a deeply dipping V bodice and a halter neckline. This was a total date night outfit and was an excellent complement to those dark and chunky heels. Those shoes pretty much go with anything and everything, as evidenced by Spears.


Short Shorts & A Hat

Spears' fifth and final outfit was a pair of tiny, dark wash jean shorts and a red crop top. She added a beige hat that complemented her shoes. It felt like an ensemble you'd see Spears wear while making the quickest of Starbucks runs.

It was certainly thrilling to watch Spears change in and out of several outfits. She's a busy entertainer and a style icon who has places to go and people to see. She can't always do that while wearing just one outfit. The impromptu Instagram fashion show reminded fans just how signature Spears' style is.