Britney Spears Will Only Wake Up For Ice Cream & Honestly, Same

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The legendary Miss Britney Spears is having the time of her life. Have you looked at her social media lately? It's incredible. On August 29, she became even more relatable than ever, when it was revealed on Twitter that Britney Spears only gets up for ice cream. Before a show — even a major performance on her "Piece Of Me" Tour — if you aren't waking Brit Brit with an ice cream cone, you aren't waking her up at all.

In an adorable video posted to her Twitter account, fans can see a group of backup dancers worried that they couldn't find the star before her show. Together, the crew worked together to scurry through the hallway where they eventually discovered Spears — who was dozing on the couch. Hey, who hasn't taken a nap before something important from time to time?

But, what were these frantic dancers to do? Who would dare disturb the pop icon's slumber? Fortunately, there was one dancer who had the right idea: An ice cream cone. When the dancers burst into the room, Spears rises from the couch, bleary-eyed — for the record, her acting ability has always been under-appreciated — and appears confused. Then, once the dancer hands her the ice cream cone, she snapped into action, instantly ready to go. Well, not before taking a bite — what else is a girl to do?

Honestly, is anything more relatable than that? Except for the part where she's Britney Spears, of course, and she's surrounded by super-fit, enthusiastic guys, who just happen to have her favorite ice cream on hand to shake her out of a nap daze. But the waking up for ice cream is so real. And honestly, it's always amazing to see how much fun the pop goddess is having IRL. To see her making this goofy video and looking so happy with her kids and hot boyfriend and "Piece of Me" shows on social media is oddly reassuring.

The best part about the video — besides everything — is the enthusiastic fan comments. One tweeted back GIFs of Spears enjoying ice cream over the years, and a few investigative journalists chronicled how many times the singer rocked that specific pink and black dress. (If it's true that she's worn it since 2011, as suggested by @CandidlyCarlo, that's awesome; it's in great condition and looks amazing on her. Share your detergent secrets, girl!) Then, even an ice cream company joined in on the fun, writing, "If a cone is all it takes to get Britney to show up, than we are about to #GetConed till the world ends!" It's kind of a weak pun, but enjoyable nonetheless.

So, kudos to Britney Spears' dancers for knowing how to rally her before a show, and a major shout-out to the singer herself for keeping the entire internet entertained with these little videos. If she wanted to do a whole series of "People, Places, And Things Britney Spears Will Only Wake Up For If You Hand Her An Ice Cream," people would definitely be into it. Or maybe sell Britney Spears-branded ice cream souvenirs at the "Piece of Me" shows? Just a thought.