Why Brittany Can't Wait For Fans To See Her & Jax's Relationship On 'Pump Rules' Season 7

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

It’s been quite the Vanderpump Rules season for Brittany Cartwright. The fan-favorite Kentuckian had to deal with the fallout after her boyfriend Jax Taylor cheated on her with former SURver Faith Stowers; after sticking by him, Brittany ended up calling it quits with Jax later in Season 6. But during the Vanderpump Rules reunion, she revealed that after Jax's father passed away, she and Jax got back together and are now living their best lives. And when fans see Jax and Brittany's relationship in Vanderpump Rules Season 7, she says they'll view it in a whole new light.

“It’s like completely different,” Brittany tells Bustle over the phone about what her relationship is like with Jax these days. “The way he talks to me. The way he’s treated me. His patience. He’s not angry.”

Brittany had similar things to say about Jax during the three-part Season 6 reunion, suggesting that he's changed for the better. According to Brittany, a big part of Jax’s softening has to do with the the untimely death of his father, Robert Cauchi.

“The passing of his father has completely opened his eyes,” she says. “I think he realized he was being a bad person and that he just didn’t want to be that person anymore, he wanted to be more like his father. You know, he says that again and again, but I believe him. I was there by his side through everything and I know how he’s still hurting so much over this. It’s just been something that really opened his eyes to really treasure everything you have and not take anything for granted. I think that’s something he’s definitely doing.”

At the reunion, viewers could see how Jax’s father dying has impacted him greatly. He even broke down in tears discussing the man he admired and loved, which was a rare sight.

Even some of Jax and Brittany’s co-stars said they could see a difference in Jax and added that he seemed somewhat softer of a man. And believe it or not, Brittany's Pump Rules cast mates support her and Jax as a couple now.

“They see the changes themselves,” Brittany says. “It’s not just me that sees this Jax. You know, every single person on the cast can tell you about it. He’s just been through a whole lot these past couple months and I know they were not wanting me to get back with him in the beginning and everything, but now they’re on my side and now they’re just as happy.”

Of course, Jax isn’t perfect, and still has his flaws. He didn't get through this season's reunion without flak, like when he missed the mark at the reunion with his misunderstanding of the #MeToo movement. While Andy Cohen and the group discussed Lala Kent’s version of feminism, Jax yelled, “Hashtag me too!” He had no idea what he was saying and said he simply “thought it was for women power!”

Brittany says Jax didn’t mean any harm — he was just uninformed about the nuances of the movement encouraging women to share their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. “He has the best heart ever,” Brittany says. “He would never try to say something like that to offend anybody. I think he just really said that thinking he was saying something that was right, but it wasn’t related at all. In his mind, it was supposed to be a happy thing.”

Unlike many others, Brittany wasn’t offended by his remark and says Jax now knows more about #MeToo.

Despite his unfortunate comment, it sounds like fans are in for quite the surprise come Season 7 of the Bravo series. Brittany says fans will see a totally different Jax and Brittany, which she’s looking forward to. “I’m just excited to see what this next summer of filming is gonna be like. I’m hoping it’s a completely different Brittany and Jax,” she says. As she said multiple times throughout last season, “I just really hope the world will get to see the Jax that I love.”

According to the Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky star, fans might also get to see she and Jax working on some new projects together outside of SUR. Though what exactly that entails is something Brittany’s keeping to herself for right now. “We’re just trying to start some things together,” she says. “Just maybe bring a little Kentucky to L.A. on a couple different things.”

Whether or not fans are pleased with Brittany's decision to take Jax back, it doesn’t matter, because it’s her choice — and it's one she’s proud of.

“At the end of the day, I knew I had to do what was right for me and what I wanted to do with my life,” she says. “I’m glad I stuck around because Jax is amazing and I knew he had it in him all along. I know his heart is good and I’m just so happy where we are today. I can’t be any happier.”

Reporting by Lia Beck.