Jax From 'Vanderpump' Doesn't Know What "#MeToo" Means & Fans Are Like, "Of Course"

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

You definitely don’t have to be a genius to be on a reality television show (in fact, reading isn't all that compelling on camera), but there are events and movements that everyone should know about. You know, world moments that aren’t idiosyncratic, ones that consume every part of the cultural zeitgeist. Since about October 2017, that has been #MeToo, a movement to encourage women to share their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. Well, apparently, not everyone knows what this cultural shift is, because Jax’s #MeToo comment on the Vanderpump Rules reunion really missed the mark.

Lala has been putting on her feminism hat all season (even though she’s not calling it that, her focus on inclusion and female empowerment is, in fact, feminism), and so, during the reunion, Andy Cohen basically made all of the women on the show talk about what they thought of Lala’s version of “feminism.” It’s complicated, apparently, because Lala likes to preach about women doing their own thing but also has her boyfriend pay for her car? (It’s not my business. I don’t care.) But Jax, trying to be supportive or just being uninformed — it’s hard to tell sometimes — said, “Hashtag me too!” in reference to this feminism talk, thinking he was being supportive. Oh, Jax. Of course, he “thought it was for women power!”

The real question here is, since #MeToo has been the focus of, I don’t know, everything in recent months, how did Jax miss this? He spends plenty of time on social media, so either he reads no Twitter at all or only reads his mentions. He also hasn’t watched the news or read a newspaper or magazine in six months. And probably no skywriters or movies or television shows where nothing blows up. Nothing.

Of course, Vanderpump Rules fans had plenty of reactions on Jax’s snafu.

Most Didn't Know How He Could Be That Lost...

And Some Wanted Jax To Get Educated

It Exasperated People…

…And At Least One Found It To Be A Perfectly Apt Commentary.

Wasn't Jax telling everyone he was offered a social media job for the Tampa Bay Rays a few weeks back? He was going to manage social media and he didn't even know what #MeToo means? How is this even possible?

This may seem like a mind slip or a little blip of Jax's tongue, but in reality, it's much more indicative of his own self-centeredness and the selfish behavior he's exercised... since Season 1. Jax is all about Jax, and he tends to do whatever is right for him. And only him. When he allegedly got that job offer in Florida, he didn't bother to float it by Brittany — he thought she would just go along with it, and when she didn't, he was mad. He spreads rumors, and he cheated on Brittany by his own admission, only to break up with her after she took him back. And Jax wonders why everyone piles up on him to act right.

Even for someone who doesn't watch the news or takes in, say, little to no media, it's hard to understand how someone wouldn't have any idea what #MeToo, a movement that unites millions of women and allies around the world, means. Jax must have thought, "Oh, that has to do with women, so I don't have to deal with it," but damn. Even if you think only of yourself and have to use only the women in your life to relate to any female issue, I would think you would have heard of #MeToo. But, as shown on Vanderpump Rules, it's just Jax's world, and we all live in it.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, call the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit online.rainn.org.