Brooke & Peyton's Best 'One Tree Hill' Moments Prove Just How Strong Their Friendship Was

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There are many great TV friendships, but one many admire is Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer's relationship on One Tree Hill. They argued like friends do, they made up like friends do, and they laughed like friends do. Most importantly, they supported each other like friends should. So many young women could relate to them. It only seems appropriate to honor Brooke and Peyton's best One Tree Hill moments, because that's what you do when you have a TV friendship like this.

From the beginning, Brooke and Peyton vowed "hoes over bros." Admittedly, they both sometimes failed at that, especially when it came to competing for Lucas Scott's attention and love. They also made mistakes, like any other human being. Unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes were hurtful, like when Brooke and Nathan had sex. Yes, Nathan and Peyton were broken up, but they had only split a few moments before he slept with Brooke.

Their unfortunate slip-ups taught Brooke and Peyton so many lessons, including how friends should treat one another. Really, the majority of Brooke and Peyton's friendship was positive. They grew over the course of the series for the better, and so did their friendship. Viewers learned so much from them, so let's take a look at some of Brooke and Peyton's best moments.

When Brooke Saved Peyton At A Party

In the very first season, Brooke and Peyton went to a college party, where Peyton's drink was spiked by a random guy. To make matters worse, he locked an incoherent Peyton in his bedroom. The guy tried to take advantage of Peyton, but thankfully Brooke came to her rescue and stopped the guy before it was too late. As unsettling as the scene was, it showed Brooke always had her friend's back. (Season 1, Episode 8)

When They Vowed "Hoes Over Bros"

This was their motto throughout the entire series. Brooke even created her own clothing line in honor of it, aka Clothes Over Bros. Again, sometimes Brooke and Peyton didn't stay true to their declaration, but for they eventually learned guys and their drama weren't worth ruining their friendship over. (Of course, "hoes" isn't the best way to refer to your fellow women, but they weren't actually using it in a derogatory way.)

When Brooke Helped Peyton Fight Fake Derek

How could fans ever forget fake Derek (real name: Ian Banks), who pretended to be Peyton's brother to get close to her? He was so obsessed with Peyton that on prom night he held her hostage in her own house. Feeling sorry for an earlier fight with her BFF, Brooke went over to Peyton's house and found Ian there. If it weren't for Brooke, who knows what would've happened to Peyton. Together, they escaped. Like they declared after the terrifying ordeal, "Hoes over psychos." (Season 4, Episode 16)

When Peyton Told Brooke About Lucas

Lucas seemed to always go back and forth between Peyton and Brooke. The same can be said for the two best friends, especially at the beginning of Season 4. There was some tension between Brooke and Peyton, because Peyton had feelings for Lucas, despite Brooke and Lucas being together. However, after things ended with Brooke and Lucas, Peyton told him she was in love with him. His response? "Oh." Even though their friendship wasn't 100 percent, Peyton still felt comfortable telling Brooke about her awkward conversation with Lucas. And Brooke, told her exactly what she needed to hear, "Boys can be so dumb." (Season 4, Episode 9)

When Peyton Named Her Daughter After Brooke

There is no sweeter or more honorable tribute than when someone names their child after a person they love dearly. That's exactly what Peyton did when she and Lucas gave their daughter the name Sawyer Brooke Scott. (Season 6, Episode 24)

When Peyton Told Sawyer About Brooke

During Season 6, Peyton was pregnant, but she had an extremely complicated pregnancy. In case she were to die from it (yes, that's how serious it was), Peyton made a video for her baby telling her all about the people in her life, including Brooke. "Choose wisely," she told Sawyer about selecting a best friend, before adding, "I got really lucky with mine." Peyton also beautifully said, "The best part about Brooke Davis is that she always puts her friends first." (Season 6, Episode 22)

When Peyton Changed Brooke's Mirror Message

In Season 6, Brooke was attacked at her store. She kept it a secret for awhile, but eventually opened up to Peyton about the horrific ordeal. Being attacked made Brooke feel less than and she wrote a list of her insecurities on the mirror. Being the supportive friend she was, Peyton changed the list of insecurities to all of the qualities that made Brooke amazing, including strong, selfless, and worthy. (Season 6, Episode 6)

When They Went Back To Tree Hill Together

This season saw a four-year time jump. The characters' lives had changed drastically, but one thing remained the same: Brooke and Peyton's dedication to one another. Peyton also found herself struggling in Los Angeles trying to make it in the music industry. Plus, her relationship with Lucas came to a halt. Even though Brooke was succeeding greatly with her fashion business in New York, she made a big decision for herself and Peyton. They both moved back to Tree Hill to be together and see if they could go back to living happier and less lonely lives. (Season 5, Episode 1)

When Peyton Said This To Brooke

This episode was an emotional one for so many reasons, including it featured Lucas and Peyton's wedding, but the moment Peyton asked Brooke to take care of Lucas and their baby if anything were to happen due to her risky pregnancy, well, it showed how much Brooke truly meant to Peyton.

She emotionally said to Brooke: "When I think of everyone else out there in the world that goes through their life alone, then I think of all the amazing years I've got to spend with my beautiful, beautiful, best friend Brooke Davis. I kind of feel sorry for everybody else." (Season 6, Episode 23)

These two really had a special connection and one fans were lucky to experience. Brooke and Peyton's friendship is one fans will forever cherish — and for all the right reasons.