Frozen Fanta Is Back At Burger King For All Your '90s Kid Summer Dreams

by Lia Beck
Burger King

If you're in need of a frozen summer treat, Burger King has a returning beverage for you. As reported by Brand Eating, Frozen Fanta Orange has returned to Burger King. The drink is back now — it's listed on the Burger King online menu — but it's unclear just how long it will remain available in the fast food restaurants.

Chew Boom reports that Burger King first released Frozen Fanta Orange in July of last year. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but Frozen Fanta Orange is a frozen soda slushie — like an Icee drink. In addition to the normal version of the slushie, Chew Boom explains that some locations will also offer Frosted Frozen Fanta Orange, which is a Frozen Fanta Orange blended with vanilla soft-serve ice cream. That said, this concoction is not currently listed on the BK site, so it just might depend on whether the soft-serve machine is working at your Burger King of choice.

The Impulsive Buy, a blog filled with fast food and snack news and reviews, wrote about the Frosted Frozen Fanta Orange last year and said it was "just okay."

"I was expecting more of an orange Creamsicle/Dreamsicle taste," the review reads. "This will remind you of that, but only faintly. There just wasn’t much tang from the Fanta and not much sweetness from the soft serve. Also, the consistency was a touch gritty — not quite a milkshake and not quite a slush."

As for the regular Frozen Fanta Orange, that seems pretty hard to screw up — it's just frozen Fanta. Brand Eating reports that this drink goes for $1.59 in their area, so the price is probably around that point no matter where you are.

In addition to Frozen Fanta Orange, Burger King also has a few other slushie drinks on the menu. There's a Frozen Fanta Cherry Icee, a Frozen Coke, and a Frosted Frozen Coke, which is Frozen Coke blended with soft-serve. That last one is kind of like a Coke float, but all mixed together.

While those are all usual menu items, Burger King has released special edition frozen drinks in the past. This past April, there was a Minute Maid Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. Last October, the chain had the Halloween-themed Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry. It was actually black, which is pretty rare for a beverage and potentially off-putting, so it really was kind of scary. On the less terrifying end of the spectrum, earlier in 2018, BK released a Frozen Fanta Lemon slushie. And, if we take it all the way back to 2015, there was Frozen Surge, a slushie version of the cult '90s soda that had been discontinued in the early 2000s.

If you want to get you hands on a Frozen Fanta Orange or Frosted Frozen Fanta Orange, you should probably do it soon since the amount of time in "limited-time" is unknown. Otherwise, you might be left waiting until next summer.