Bustle & Coveteur Present The Fall Style Edit

Ashley Batz/Bustle

This season, Bustle and Coveteur are partnering on The Fall Style Edit, an effort to bring you the best mix of the season's fashion and beauty releases, shopping tips, and service stories in ways that are both inspirational and attainable. Bustle is all about relatable looks and unintimidating inspo, while Coveteur delves into the types of wardrobes we seriously lust after. Since most of us dress in a high/low mix of fast fashion, investment pieces worth the splurge, and the occasional designer lipstick, our two sites are coming together to bring that mixture to life.

For anyone in the mood to update their wardrobe as the seasons change, we've got shopping roundups galore coming in hot. From the warmest coats in the world to glittery sneakers to the accessory that'll be as huge this year as chokers were last year, you're sure to find something worth snagging. And, of course, all the lists will be as size inclusive as possible.

If you're more into expert tips and tricks, you can read up on makeup artists' favorite products, designers' top fall trend recommendations, and stylist's go-to affordable clothing brands. We have non experts weighing in as well, because who better to tell you which Instagram-hyped products are actually worth paying for than someone who's scrolling the feed exactly like you are?

Check The Fall Style Edit page weekly to see what we're up to.