Barbie Caboodles Are Now A Thing & Here Are Your First Pictures Of The Mash-Up

Courtesy of Caboodle

Caboodles — the fold out, plastic boxes you hid all of your blue eyeshadow in as a child — are immediately recognizable to '90s kids. The brand is still going strong decades later, and releasing a product your childhood self would trade a life supply of Ring Pops to own. The Caboodles x Barbie collection is here, and these bright pink, Barbie-themed organizers are just as cute as you dreamed.

The new collaboration between the two iconic brands will take you on a deep dive down memory lane, confronting shameful memories of stealing your mom's lipsticks and stashing them away. Or maybe you used the cases to carry around your favorite flavor of Lip Smacker (Dr. Pepper forever) and a bottle of glittery cotton-candy scented body spray. Now, the brand has gotten a modern upgrade with the help of Barbie and some new styles. Even your grown-up makeup will be proud to call this Caboodle collab home.

Fans of the famous doll and iconic organizers will find multiple sizes of storage options in the collection. From a specific piece to keep your false lashes safe to a fold out, multi-layer case complete with a mirror, there's something for all Barbie and Caboodles fans in the collection.

The Pretty In Petite case, which will cost $14.99, is a small pencil-like case with two pop-out wings and a built-in mirror. The case comes in a hot Barbie pink and a softer rose color.

The On-The-Go Girl case, which retails for $24.99, has the classic Caboodle layout with a compartment on top and two larger compartments underneath. With a pop up mirror, the hot pink case will remind you of childhood.

Finally, the ultimate Neat Freak Train case is an acetate case with pink trays featuring the Barbie logo. With a large compartment underneath and three staggered trays extending from each side, this container can hold all your beauty goodies. The holy grail organizer will set you back $75.99.

This isn't the first time that the brand has paired up with Barbie. Twenty years ago in the late '90s, the two brands worked together for another set of Barbie-based storage sets.

The five new Caboodles x Barbie pieces aren't the only thing that the two brands have in store for fans. According to the brand, future items are coming exclusively to Ulta stores in October of this year. Then, in Spring 2020, the current collection of Caboodles that debut on Sept. 26 will launch in retailers nationwide.

With a plethora of existing Barbie collections already in the beauty and fashion space, the Caboodles collection is definitely on trend, especially since this year marks Barbie's 60 anniversary. Grab your blue eyeshadow and that tube of Lip Smacker you definitely couldn't resist buying. Now you finally have a place to hold the whole kit and caboodle.