Caelynn's Instagram Is Full Of Insight Into 'The Bachelor' Contestant's Personality


Since we're only three weeks into Bachelor Season 23, it's perhaps too soon to tell who Colton's real favorites are. But now that several bachelorettes have been eliminated (including everyone's favorite sloth, Alex D.), Colton can begin focusing on who he could truly see himself falling for. One of these remaining ladies is Bachelor contestant Caelynn, whose Instagram reveals some interesting things about her life BC (Before Colton, of course). After all, she wasn't wearing that pageant sash for nothing.

Audiences already know some key things about Caelynn — most notably that she competed as Miss North Carolina in the 2018 Miss USA pageant. However, there's more to this beauty queen than meets the smokey eye. Caelynn hails from Fredericksburg, Virginia, by way of Charlotte, according to her ABC bio. What's more, the site explains that she attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studied broadcast journalism. But other than her previous turns on the catwalk, viewers can learn a thing or two from The Bachelor contestant's Instagram, which is chock full of glamour shots, friends from the pageant circuit, and even a sly reference to The Notebook. So while Caelynn will likely be just fine if she doesn't win Colton's heart, it seems like the two would be a perfect match. Here are some other things her Instagram reveals about her.

She's A Well-Seasoned Traveler

One of Caelynn's ABC fun facts reads that "she thinks Napa is the most romantic city in the United States, since it feels like a small taste of Italy." Her bio also says that she once flew to Japan on a first date, which proves she's down for an international adventure. And the Bachelor contestant's Instagram reinforces her passport-holding status, with posts from L.A., New York, Thailand, and Japan.

She Was On Staff At A Camp

In the summer of 2017, it appears that Caelynn was a camp counselor at Windy Gap — a campground just north of Asheville, North Carolina. "This community is everything," her caption reads, in part. "Thanks for loving Jesus so much and serving so well. (The last picture sums up my emotions pretty well) #staffforthesummer." The program itself is a Christian ministry called Young Life, per their website. According to Caelynn's LinkedIn, she was involved with the organization throughout high school.

She Used To Be Sponsored By Victoria's Secret

From the summer of 2016 to mid-2017, Caelynn was a PINK sponsored stylist, according to her LinkedIn. As a result, she often posted PINK-related content on her social media.

She's Good Friends With Miss USA 2018

Although Caelynn lost the Miss USA title by a hair, she's incredibly close to former Miss Nebraska, a.k.a. Sarah Rose Summers, who won the 2018 crown. "I still can’t quite put into words this moment," the Bachelor contestant wrote of the Miss USA pageant. "Sarah and I were talking two days ago about being bridesmaids in each other’s weddings. She is truly one of my best friends, and to be up there together was everything I could’ve ever asked for. I love you Sarah Rose, you have the biggest heart, and [your] light shines so bright!"

Caelynn Was An Anchorwoman During College

Since the former Miss North Carolina was a broadcast journalism major, it only makes sense that she'd have to try her hand at onscreen anchoring. In addition to her stint on college TV, she also interned at WTVR-TV — a local CBS affiliate in Richmond Virginia — per LinkedIn. And it seems like her previous television appearances were instrumental in preparing Caelynn for her Bachelor debut.

She's Really In Shape

This one is pretty obvious, since the Bachelor contestant is also a former beauty queen, but it's still worth nothing that Caelynn works hard for her physique. Not only does her Miss USA video contains footage of her jogging around Charlotte, but in one Instagram post, she thanks her personal trainer for getting her "Miss USA ready." Take note, Colton. Imagine hitting the gym as a couple! (Cue the awws).

She's A Fan Of 'The Office'

Caelynn couldn't resist making a Scandal reference during her visit to Washington, D.C., in April 2018, and she also Instagrammed a Dwight Schrute quote from The Office. "If you only knew how happy this sign made me," her caption read, in part.

Caelynn's A Sports Fan

Whether or not she's a hardcore aficionado or fair-weather fan, Caelynn's Instagram reveals that she's been known to attend a baseball game here and there and get pumped for football season. This could be great news for Colton, since he's a former NFL player.

Although it's too soon to tell whether this Carolina queen will be able to add the final rose to her crown of achievements, she's no stranger to a little healthy competition.