Calvin Harris & Ariana Grande's "Heatstroke" Gives You The Song Of The Summer… In March

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Put those scratchy sweaters away, because summer is here — at least it is according to super producer Calvin Harris. The music maestro has whipped up a jam destined to be your go-to warm weather grooving song with a trio of talented artists. According to Vulture, "Heatstroke" with Ariana Grande is a song of summer 2017 contender. The pop star is joined by Young Thug and Pharrell, and the combined power of their vocals is potent. I'm talking sipping a piña colada on the beach levels of potency, guys.

The track may be arriving a little early considering some people are still experiencing snow storms, but it will warm you right up. Young Thug kicks off "Heatstroke" with some sultry, come hither rap lyrics that will leave you all hot and bothered, before Pharrell and Grande come in on the chorus to slow things down with a feel good refrain about having a good time.

This trio, along with Harris, work some serious magic as they draw listeners in with a song that is designed to be played in clubs, on spring break road trips, and during impromptu dance sessions with your bae. "Heatstroke" is... well, hot, and it's setting the bar high for all other potential summer 2017 songs to come.

All you have to do is listen to the addictive hook by Grande to fall for this ode to the decadence of hot summer nights out on the town with your significant other. Grande and Pharrell croon,

When you do things like this/And you set me free
How can anyone get tired?
When you do things like this/And you set me free
I think I've just been inspired

Then Young Thug comes in with a beat that's unrelenting in its catchiness. The man knows how to get a crowd on their feet, and you can be sure there will be plenty of crowds dancing and singing along to his electric rap. His gift for spinning rhymes with an aim for celebrating club culture is on full display here.

Just try to listen to these lyrics without getting an itch to head out for a Friday night adventure. Young Thug raps,

We just wanna party, way back in the war room
Do you want some?/No I don't, son
Tryna watch me ballin', do you want money?
I'm just tryna turn up, tryna work something

That's just a sample; the song only gets more amazing from there. Harris deserves props for creating a collab that brings three artists, all with different styles, together to create a song no music lover is going to be able to stop talking about anytime soon.


You might as well give in now because summer is coming and "Heatwave" is ready to dominate.