A Pizza Hut Parka Actually Exists & Here's How To Get One

October is National Pizza Month and the weather is getting increasingly colder. It was the absolute perfect time, then, for Pizza Hut to promote its new oven-hot delivery system through fashion. The limited edition Pizza Hut Parka is the ultimate in pizza-themed apparel, save for maybe Rihanna's 2015 Met Gala gown, because there is no shame in loving a piping hot slice, wanting to remain fashionably warm during the bitter cold chill of winter. And, you know, wanting to wear clothing that displays your love of one of your fave fast foods.

The red-hot Pizza Hut Parka is actually a functional coat, constructed of the same thermal insulation materials and technology used in the restaurant's new delivery pouches, which promise that your pizza will be 15 degrees hotter. The parka has both zip and Velcro closures, and is made of Thinsulate material. It's pizza-inspired in many ways, with fun features such as an ordering window sleeve slot, marinara splash guard, napkin gaiter, heat-sealed seams, parmesan and red pepper pockets because you always need your pizza toppings at hand, a water-resistant outer layer, and a pocket shaped like a slice.

This coat sounds pretty delicious. But alas, it's not like pepperoni, olives, or any other topping you can add when placing your next order.

Sadly, the Pizza Hut Parka is not for sale.

Sure, Pizza Hut-a-holics can't purchase the Pizza Hut Parka outright from the brand or from its delivery people. But customers do have an opportunity to try and get their hands on one of these coveted coats, which boast a snazzy black and white lining that reads "Hot From the Hut."

Through the end of the month, if you place an order via or the Pizza Hit app, you will be randomly entered to win a Pizza Hut Parka along with your pie.

You can also be proactive and enter to win by hitting the social media circuit and tweeting both the pizza slice and flame emojis to the Pizza Hut Twitter handle.

I was fortunate enough to receive one of the prized Pizza Parkas from the brand's marketing team. I can attest that this baby is warm AF. If I somehow find myself wanting to venture out into the snow and ice of January or to brave the out of doors when temperatures dip to sub-zero levels, this is the only jacket I would wear.

It's bright scarlet, with plenty of Pizza Hut branding, because pizza is life. It's actually quite heavy, structured, and stiff, because it's meant to protect you against the elements and keep you warm 'n' toasty.

The Pizza Hut Parka is more about utility than it is about fashionability. It's essentially functional outerwear, with the emphasis on "fun."

Is your mouth watering from all of this pizza chatter? Do you want to wear this crimson coat? If you answered "yes" to both questions, then the marketing team at Pizza Hut did its job effectively. If you are legit jonesing for the parka, then get Tweeting and/or ordering to increase your chances.

Here's the jacket IRL and on an actual human. I look so ready to face Old Man Winter in my Pizza Hut Parka, all the while doing my best Kylie Jenner mirror selfie pose.

The parka is bulky and a bit shapeless. But that's all part of its heat-retaining charm.

Wearing the heavy Pizza Hut Parka — seriously, this thing feels like it weighs five pounds — makes me look like Ralphie's little brother Randy from A Christmas Story.

Remember him?

Heck yes you do!

Here's a close up of the black and white lining! It has me wishing this bad boy were reversible.

The Pizza Hut Parka could also help eliminate winter doldrums, thanks to the cheerful and bright scarlet hue.

It also a good reminder for us all that pizza in any form is always, always in style.