Can You Hire Stassi To Plan A Party? The 'Vanderpump Rules' Star's Business Is Pretty Exclusive

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every time a Vanderpump Rules cast member brings up a new business venture, audiences take it with a grain of salt on the rim of a SUR margarita. Of all the SURvers, Stassi Schroeder has set herself apart as someone who has made a concerted effort to build a business as an event planner. Can you hire Stassi to plan a party? The VPR cast member might be helping Lala plan a party on the current season, but Stassi doesn't offer her event coordinating SURvices to everyone. Whether or not that means that Schroeder's event planning usually only happens on Vanderpump Rules is unclear, but if you visit Stassi's official website, there's no mentioning of event planning.

That's not to say that Stassi's event planning is as mythological as Jax's sweater designing career that never actually happened. The podcast host and reality star has shown an interest in learning about event planning for a while now, and back in Season 3 Stassi dipped her toes in the business while working for Lisa Vanderpump. Even though Lisa and Stassi have had a turbulent relationship, on the show's current sixth season, the two have paired up again to put together to host decadent parties.

You could probably always get LVP to forgive you with the right flower arrangement, and Stassi has proved just that when she successfully planned the party celebrating Vanderpump's new role as the editor-in-chief of Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine.

While Stassi happily complies with Lisa Vanderpump's penchant for pink flowers while planning fancy Beverly Hills parties, if the 29 year-old had her way she would probably plan as many murder-themed parties as possible. As any VPR viewer knows, what fluffy puppies are to Lisa Vanderpump, murder is to Stassi, so it was only natural for Stassi to plan a murder party for herself in celebration of her birthday this season.

Stassi's murder party happened to take place on the same night as Ariana Madix's royalty-themed party. While everyone brought their A-game while dressing up for both events — who could forget that Tom Sandoval had to make a last minute call to his "emergency costume guy" for his extravagant getup — Schroeder's murder party had a more thematic setting. Maybe she really does have a knack for event planning. Or maybe Stassi just really likes murder, and planning a party with that theme just came naturally to her.

Perhaps Stassi's event planning skills will be put to their greatest test during Lala's upcoming concert. While it's unclear what exactly Stassi envisions for Lala's party, it will be fun for VPR fans to see what kind of event the unlikely pair ends up creating. If it's anything like James Kennedy's See You Next Tuesday party, it will probably be a blast for all the guests involved.

You may not get a chance to hire Stassi to plan your next party, but if you're really itching to attend a Vanderpump Rules party someday, Kennedy's weekly party might be your best bet. Both Kennedy and his cast mates frequently promote the Tuesday night parties at SUR in Los Angeles, so if you're in the area, that might be the closest you'll get to attending a Stassi-planned party.

As fans know, the thing about the Vanderpump Rules cast members is that they tend to talk about their other jobs outside of partying on the show more than they actually do those jobs. So no, you probably can't get Stassi to plan your party, but at least you can watch her attending parties or planning her castmates' events on-screen during Vanderpump Rules.