Instagram Has New Face Filters!

by Sarah Fielding

You've had a few weeks to try out Instagram's new face filters, and if you're starting to worry if you've overused the koala filter already, relax. Now, you have even more options to choose from — Instagram just released two new face filters. Joining the previously released bunny face filter are two more filters ready to be posted all summer: A road trip filter and — my new favorite — the sleep mask filter.

Let's start with the sleep mask, something all my friends better get used to seeing really quickly. This filter places a cute sleeping mask over your eyes with a cloud and moon hanging above you as if they were connected to a mobile. So, if you are finishing up a long day at work, don't want to go out tonight, or are bored watching your favorite show, now you know just how to express yourself to your Instagram followers. In a fun twist, you can "wake up" while using this filter by nodding your head. The sleeping mask slides up, the screen brightens, and a sun replaces the moon. It's a great reaction for when you get excited about something, or your coffee kicks in.

Here's what it looks like in action:

Sarah Fielding/Bustle

Not feeling the sleep mask? The new Instagram road trip filter shows a car dashboard in front of you, and puts shades over your eyes to keep the sun away on your "drive." The clouds float along side of you, creating the illusion of a calm drive. Want to hit the road with speed? Try opening your mouth to create a rush of wind around you. You can also use this filter with another person. Not only will they get their own shades, but a rainbow will appear between the two of you.

Sarah Fielding/Bustle

OK, so now you know what filters are available. But uh, how do you actually find the things? It's pretty simple. Follow these steps to get these new filters for yourself.

Make Sure Your Instagram App Is Updated

Kathryn Kattalia/Bustle

Go into the App Store and hit "Updates" in the far right corner. Scroll down until you find the Instagram app. If it prompts you on the right to "Update," hit that button to make sure you have the newest version of the app to play with. Then, open up Instagram.

Open Up A New Instagram Story

Once you have the Instagram app open, tap the camera icon in the top left-hand corner to open up a new story.

Hit The Face Filters Button

When you open up your new Instagram Story, you'll find the Face Filter button in the bottom far-right corner (it looks like a smiley face). Tap it, and the various filters Instagram offers will magically appear at the bottom of your screen. The sleep mask and the road trip options are the first two that will pop up! Make sure your camera is facing toward you, tap the filter you want, and voila! Watch yourself transform.

Whether you decide to go for a drive or take a nap, here's to one more way to amuse yourself this summer. Filter away.