People Are So Obsessed With "Nutella Oreos" That They're Selling For $20 Online


So, uh, funny story: I literally just discovered that Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos are a thing. Or at least, they were a thing in 2018. I don’t know how I missed them, but ever since discovering their existence today, I’ve been wondering: Can you still get Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos? If you, too, have been wondering that same thing — whether you previously knew about them or whether they’re news to as they were to me — I do have some answers for you.

Those answers are, however, a bit… complicated.

Come. Let’s explore. It will be a learning experience for us all.

Officially, Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos are no longer available. They were a limited-edition flavor released in January of 2018 — over a year ago — and have long been off shelves. They consisted of golden cookies filled with chocolate hazelnut-flavored crème (which is basically what I imagine might happen if you scraped off the crème from a bunch of regular Oreos, combined it in a bowl with a bunch of Nutella, and hit it with a hand mixer for a while).

They were generally well received. Junk Banter praised the chocolate hazelnut crème in particular, noting that it was “DEFINITELY delicious” and reminiscent “of both Nutella AND the Ferrero Rocher candies.” The golden cookie, wrote the reviewer was “a little too strong to let the crème shine as much as it should have,” but overall awarded “many points… for the authenticity of this crème.” It was, apparently, “an absolutely delightful cookie.”

Snack Cellar felt similarly, observing that the “flavor [of the crème] leads with a deep, rich cocoa, but a nutty aspect quickly emerges too.” Wrote the reviewer, “There’s a great balance of both chocolate and hazelnut going on here, and it’s actually a strong representation of Nutella.” There were similar thoughts about the golden cookie, which the reviewer felt “makes it harder to taste the darker cocoa flavor of the crème”; however, they said that “otherwise, this is a really great Oreo.”

I am usually pretty up on my limited-edition Oreo releases; indeed, it’s frequently my job to be up on them. So how did I miss the Chocolate Hazelnut variety? How did I miss not only a major limited-edition Oreo release, but more importantly, a major limited-edition Oreo release that tastes likes it’s filled with Nutella?

I don’t know. Truly. And if you are in this Nutella-less boat with me, I don’t know how you missed them, either. I’m sorry. But I do know how I found out about them, a full year after the fact — and how I found out that you can still get them, if you’re willing to go… off the beaten path a bit.

I found out about the existence of Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos by accident. I was browsing Walmart’s website today — just a few hours ago, in fact — while researching a different piece of Oreo-related news. (Have you heard? S’mores Oreo are coming back in April 2019!) And while I was deep into Walmart’s Oreo selection, lo and behold, I spotted this on the second page of results:

I won’t lie: My immediate reaction to spotting Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos was to send the product listing to my editor with no other comment than “UM WUT.” (My editor responded in kind, for what it’s worth.) After I got that out of my system, though, I started asking questions: What are they? Are they new? When are they available? Where can I get them?

As we’ve already discussed, the answers to those questions are, in order: Golden cookies with chocolate hazelnut-flavored crème; no; they aren’t; and you can’t. (There's a reason the Walmart page for them has them listed as "out of stock.) When reached by Bustle for comment, a representative for Nabisco parent company Mondelez International confirmed that they had been a January 2018 release and were no longer available.


But but but.

If you’re willing to go through a third party… and shell out way more than a package of Oreos should really cost… and you don’t mind year-old cookies… you can still get them on eBay. This seller has a package available with a Buy It Now price of $20, plus $7 shipping. Would I personally buy a package of Oreos for almost $30? Nope. Also, all the caveats about third-party sellers apply. But if you yourself are metaphorically dying to try Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos, you can make that happen here. Just sayin’.

eBay has a pretty spectacular-looking collector’s market for Oreos, by the way; if that’s your jam, you might consider giving it a whirl. And hey, you never know — your favorites might come back for another official run later on. Red Velvet Oreos, originally released as a limited edition in 2015, even became so popular that they were added to the permanent lineup in 2016.

Good luck, friends. May your Oreos always twist apart perfectly and never collapse in your glass of milk when you dunk them.