Cara Delevingne May Have Gotten An Ear Modification & It Looks Right Out Of 'Valerian'

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It's no surprise that Cara Delevingne looked chic as hell at a Dior show. That's basically like saying she breathed or blinked or moved. The unexpected part of her appearance has actually a kind of random part of her body. Cara Delevingne's ear modification caught people's attention, and it honestly may have just been her coolest accessory. Plus, it looks straight out of Valerian & The City of A Thousand Planets.

What did Delevingne's ear modification look like? While it could have been a variety of things, for Delevingne, her modification is inside her ear and features curved ridges that run from the top of her ear to her lobe. At the Dior show, she added a pair of front-back ball earrings in her lobe that look to be potentially be titanium. In her cartilage, she's wearing a delicate brass bird that is definitely enviable.

While her fashionable earrings would have been cool enough for the overall ensemble, the ear modification certainly stole the show. What exactly is an ear modification, though? Most are silicon or teflon. It would have been placed under the skin in Delevingne's ear and once healed, it would lead to the ridges you can see in the photos from the event.

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According to StyleCaster, the ear modification could be for her role in Amazon's upcoming Carnival Row, a fantasy series set in Victorian London. In the eight part series, Delevingne will star opposite Orlando Bloom as a fairy refugee. Given her role as a mythical creature, an ear modification that isn't exactly natural to a human makes sense. However, it is a pretty far length to go to for a role.

Actors, however, are known to adapt their physical appearances for films and television. From cutting and dying their hair to losing and gaining significant amounts of weight, changing bodies for roles is somewhat common.

Interestingly, however, it appears that she did not have the modification when she walked in the Christopher Bailey show a few weeks ago. She would definitely have already been filming Carnival Row at that point according to documentation on her Instagram page. Perhaps Delevingne just wanted a body modification, and if so, that's bad ass.

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Of course, there is always the chance that it's just makeup. Have you seen beauty guru's Halloween makeup tutorials? Ever watched a Glam and Gore tutorial? Special FX makeup can be incredible things, and if Delevingne just wanted the seeming body modification for a single evening that would totally be possible.

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As for how people felt about the look? It's a mixed bag of emotions. Some just find the look intriguing.

Honestly, while the look is kind of rad, it does also kind of look like a panini press.

Others are just not feeling it. Although, nightmares seems like maybe a bit of an overreaction. Have you ever seen someone with bomb fairy tipped ears?

Some just seem confused by the modification altogether, and admittedly, it's not something you see among models and actors. Modifications (if that's what Delevingne has) are removable, but they're not as easy to remove or conceal as a piercing. After all, you've got an actual piece of silicon embedded under your skin.

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Regardless of how you feel about Cara Delevingne's ear modification, it's hard to deny that it's a unique statement, and it's certainly one that is rarely seen, especially for models and actors. While the design inside her ear could very well be the work of a very talented makeup artist, choosing to rock such a detail is just a little rebellious, but that's kind of always been Delevingne's thing — and it's always been awesome.