Cardi B Is Back On Instagram & She's Got A Special Announcement For Fans

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been a few days since Cardi B quit Instagram, and fans have been struggling to get by without her. From her hilarious videos, to her killer rants, and cute baby Kulture moments, Cardi could always be counted on for good 'Gram content. That is, until she deleted her account following the Grammys on Sunday, Feb. 10. But, fans fan now rejoice, because Cardi B returned to Instagram to announce a collaboration with Bruno Mars and it's a perfect way to return to the site.

Cardi originally deactivated her Instagram account on Monday, Feb. 11, after winning her first Grammy for Best Rap Album. The win led to some backlash from many music fans, whether they were angry that Mac Miller didn't win for his album Swimming, or they were disappointed Nicki Minaj didn't get the Grammy first. But, it seems the rapper is beyond the backlash now, and she's not just back on Instagram, she's back to doing what she does best: making music.

Cardi reactivated her account on Thursday, Feb. 13, to tell her over 40 million followers that her new, unnamed song with Bruno Mars would be released that Friday, Feb. 15. Sharing what appears to be the single's cover art, Cardi wrote, "Ok so I’m back from retirement to announce I have a brand new song coming out Friday at midnight with @brunomars. # twogrammywinningartist 🏆🏆" Bruno Mars also shared the same image with just the caption, "NEW SONG THIS FRIDAY!"

Not much is known about Mars and Cardi B's new track, other than the cover that was released, and that it's explicit based off the sticker on said cover, which is kind of a no-brainer. Again, the name hasn't been released, and while Page Six reported that another "big artist" would be featured as well, but nothing has been confirmed.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars have collaborated before on the remix to his song "Finesse," which originally appeared on his album 24K Magic. They also gave a high-energy performance of "Finesse" at last year's Grammys in New York City. Mars was nominated for a whopping six awards that night and won them all.

But now she's back, and about to take over the music world with her new collab with Mars. Of course, fans of the two musicians are over the moon.

Ever since Cardi came onto the scene, she's been making chart-toppers and award-winning songs, and of course her debut album Invasion of Privacy. On top of this new song with Bruno Mars, the rapper reportedly revealed that there's going to be a new Cardi B album coming out in 2019 during an Instagram livestream in January.

It certainly seems like, Instagram account or not, Cardi B isn't slowing down when it comes to new music. Yes, she's a social media queen, but she's a rapper first and foremost, and as long as she keeps releasing new hit records, her fans will be happy. And, if she wants to do it with Bruno Mars by her side, well, no one will be complaining.