Cardi B Said Her “Biggest Dream Might Come True” & These Are Fans' Top Guesses

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If there's one tenet of fame that's been consistently, masterfully executed by 25-year-old breakout rapper Cardi B, it's drumming up explosive bouts of fan-fueled excitement on social media. In keeping with her distinctive talent for getting the internet certifiably pumped up about her upcoming endeavors, Cardi B teased some mysterious news via her Instagram story earlier this week, as Complex reports. Cardi posted a somewhat vague — though nonetheless tantalizing — message that suggested her "biggest dream might come true" sometime in the near-ish future. And now, Cardi B fans are desperately trying to guess what it is.

The rapper only provided her restless followers with an ambiguous time frame wherein they might expect to see the aforementioned "big news" come to fruition: "this month or next month". Still, Cardi B made sure to keep fans on their toes in the meantime. Trailing her semi-announcement (what do you call an announcement if you're not sure what was announced, exactly?), Cardi presented her followers with a markedly loaded clue: "I talked about this a lot in interviews," she wrote, finishing off the post with a casual wink-face emoticon. Sound like a test? If the rabid fan response is any indication, it's safe to say, "challenge accepted."

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Of course, the morsel of a "clue" is so unspecific (consider how many high-profile interviews Cardi B has done over just the past sixth months alone) that it will likely spawn some kind of wild, cyber goose chase among fans aching for answers — one that will probably last from now until Cardi's maybe-news is maybe-revealed. And, judging by her roots as a knockout social media "influencer," that's probably exactly the kind of drawn-out hysteria Cardi B was going for.

Still, die-hard Cardi enthusiasts wasted no time; speculation as to the nature of Cardi B's "biggest dream" erupted almost immediately. One considerable wave of guesses inquired about a future musical collaboration with Lady Gaga, especially given the fact that Cardi B has openly expressed her interest in potentially teaming up with Gaga in the past.

Fans seemed particularly hyped about a Cardi-Gaga collab, but the rapper swiftly quashed the budding rumor with a tweet on Jan. 9. Though Cardi B prefaced by writing, "I wish this could be true," in response to the Gaga-centric guesses, she clarified that her mysterious news has "nothing to do with music or business."

Eager Cardi-Gaga proponents weren't ready to let that particular "dream" go just yet, though. One Twitter user pointed out that Gaga's manager followed Cardi on Instagram, and suggested that she "slide into those DM's."

Another implored Cardi to "call [Gaga's] manager," point-blank. "We want to see two queens slaying together," the Twitter user wrote.

But, Cardi said the news was not in the realm of music, nor business. So, with a potential Gaga collaboration off the table, one inquiring Twitter fan went straight for the next logical step-down on the superstar rapper's lineup of "big dreams: a baby? (Admittedly, Cardi B's personal life has gleaned quite a bit of attention since her sweet — and very public — on-stage engagement to Migos' Offset made headlines back in October.) The probing Twitter user asked, quite emphatically, if Cardi B's mysterious news might be of the baby-related variety.

Brandishing the very same kind of no-nonsense, clapback prowess that has made her famous, Cardi B shut down that rumor-to-be barely three minutes later. "F*CK NOO," the rapper wrote (in all caps, no less). "I'm blocking you."

Cardi B fans fired off a laundry list of additional guesses, the most notable of which covered Cardi B and Offset's wedding date, an unannounced upcoming tour, a makeup line, or buying a house, among other potential big deal happenings that might measure up to the title of Cardi B's "biggest dream."

A big announcement — but one that does have to do with music — was revealed on Wednesday, though. Cardi B is going to perform at the Grammys on Feb. 28. According to Billboard, she's set to perform "Finesse" with Bruno Mars. Cardi B has not yet posted about the Grammys news, and since it has to do with her music, it seems like this is probably not the "dream" she was referring to

There's no word on whether Cardi's fans have uncovered the truth yet, but they probably won't rest until they do.