Offset Surprised Cardi B In The Sweetest Way To Celebrate Her Major Album Release

There are good weeks, and there are great weeks. Music's most up-and-coming rapper is having the latter. She released a new album, announced her pregnancy, and appeared on TRL, where Cardi B talked about the surprise family reunion arranged by Offset to celebrate his fiancée's album in an extra special way.

The 25-year-old's much-anticipated debut album Invasion of Privacy dropped on April 6, and Guest of a Guest reports that Cardi B chose her favorite restaurant Philippe Chow for the release party. But the Bronx native wouldn't be toasting her success alone, because Offset had secretly flown in a bunch of her relatives from the Dominican Republic. As Cardi B told the TRL audience on Tuesday:

"What I was doing was, I had a listening party, and then Philippe Chow, they left the restaurant open for me, and I was like, 'Oh that is so nice.' And out of nowhere, I saw my whole entire family."

Or if not her entire family, then certainly a lot of them. For example, "she was in LA," Cardi clarified, gesturing at her sister Hennessey Carolina, who was co-hosting the live event with Sway Calloway, according to MTV. "But my dude flew some of my family members from the Dominican Republic, they were in there for a hot minute, I was like," she smiled widely and flopped her hand down in a gesture of contentment, "I can't believe it."

But even though Hennessey wasn't able to be in attendance, according to Cardi B's own Instagram, the roster of family members who could make it wasn't lacking in the slightest. "I just got surprised with my whole family in Philippe and sh*t," she effused in an Instagram video posted April 6, the same day as her album release and release party. Speaking into the camera and smiling widely with various members of her family in the background, she continued:

"I can’t believe that Offset flew in my niece, cousin, my grandma, my grandfather, my aunt from the Dominican Republic. You sneaky mother f*cker…I love you so much."

It's a heartwarming moment no matter what, but it's especially reassuring to see Cardi B and Offset on more stable ground lately. The pair has been dogged by rumors of infidelity since late 2017, and many of the reality-star-turned-rapper's Invasion of Privacy lyrics speak directly to the rumored relationship turmoil. Cardi B seemingly threatens the life of a cheating partner in "Thru Your Phone," and one line in "Be Careful" even references "Karma." Newsweek reports that that's the baby name chosen by Celina Powell, a woman claiming that Offset is the father of her child, who according to Hollywood Life was born in March. (The Migos rapper denies these allegations, taking to Twitter to claim that he doesn't know Powell.)

All the controversy had many fans calling for their idol to break off her engagement to Offset, which began in October after he proposed onstage during a concert. But Cardi B pushed back in an April interview with Cosmopolitan, addressing fans directly and saying, "I want to work out my sh*t with my man, and I don’t got to explain why. I’m not your property. This is my life." Days later, the "Bodak Yellow" singer revealed her own pregnancy on Saturday Night Live, and all that determination to work things out started to make a lot more sense.

To move forward successfully as a couple, these two will have to prioritize their own growing family, which is why it's really nice to see Offset making that same effort with Cardi B's relatives. The way forward is through positivity and support rather than getting mired down in the negative, and this heartwarming surprise from Offset — not to mention how much it clearly meant to his fiancée — bodes really well for the future of the couple.