These Tweets & Memes About Cardi B’s Pregnancy Reveal Just How Supportive Her Fans Are

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought 2017 was a good year for Cardi B, don't expect the good times to stop rolling in 2018. The rapper appeared on Saturday Night Live for the first time in her career last night, and with rapper Offset. Naturally, social media was overjoyed for the couple, and the prove that the rapper's loyal fans are just as excited for this news as she is.

Cardi B has had a pretty major week. She released her , this Friday, April 6, and she's been receiving the utmost amount of praise from many of her fellow artists — including Missy Elliott and Diddy — ever since. And just 24 hours after its release, the rapper made her debut on the SNL stage where she performed three of her singles: "Bodak Yellow," "Bartier Cardi," and "Be Careful." During her first performance of the night, she donned an outrageous, feathered black-and-white number that she likely wore to hide her baby bump. She didn't make the big reveal until her second time hitting the stage when she wore a white, tight-fitted, Christian Siriano floor-length gown. The camera captured her via close-up for the first half of her performance before panning out to show more of her torso, revealing her bump to the viewers tuning in at home.

Many fans have suspected for months now that , though the rapper was quick to shut down rumors, citing that she was . Now that she and her fiancé have officially put the rumors to bed, the reactions to the news from those on social media are pretty priceless. Some fans were impressed with the way the rapper revealed the news, which was similar to the way Beyoncé made her first pregnancy announcement on stage at the 2011 Video Music Awards.

And then there were those who went on to applaud how iconic it was for her to be so transparent about while, at the same time, revealing to the world that they were expecting. Twitter user @carmencitaloves wrote, " cheating on her while simultaneously publicly announcing that she's pregnant with his baby was simply ICONIC. The layers to that performance. I just died. WOW. I'm so glad I saw it live."

Others couldn't help but applaud her for finishing and promoting her album on top of continuing to perform and keep up appearances while being a few months pregnant.

Watching her get up there was pretty empowering, to say the least.

And the whole to one Twitter user, @mspackyetti, who tweeted, "A reminder: @iamcardib wrapped that first album hustle and @SerenaWilliams won the Australian Open while pregnant. Weaker sex? Nah. #SNL."

It's really enough to make you think about how amazing women really are.

A handful of users on Twitter have since made comments pointing out how nervous they are about how having a baby will affect Cardi B's career. Some have even voiced their disapproval of her decision to get pregnant just as her career began taking off. But, considering last night's announcement along with everything that Cardi B has accomplished in 2018 so far, let this be a reminder that women still have the ability to work hard and achieve great things while starting a family.

Of course, this is also a reminder that the only person who should have a say in what Cardi B does is Cardi B.

Cardi has received an outpouring of support so far, but the . He tweeted, "Cardi and I look forward to our next chapter together." in early 2017 after the two collaborated on a song together the previous year. By October, .

Baby Bardi, as social media has already named the baby, will be Cardi B's first child and Offset's fourth. The rapper has three other children — two sons and a daughter — from previous relationships. Congrats to Cardi B and Offset!