Cards Against Humanity's 'Your Sh*tty Jokes' Lets You Personalize Your Cards For You and Your Friends

Cards Against Humanity: bringing out the worst in all of us since 2011. The top-pick card game is highly questionable yet wildly entertaining, but they're not stopping there. Now, they're making things personal: according to their website, Cards Against Humanity's Your Sh*tty Jokes lets you put your own jokes on the cards, making it totally personalized for you and your squad. In the expansion pack, you get 50 blank cards to fill in — 40 white and 10 black. They'll even toss in directions for exactly how to write funny cards. I know we all normally skip the instructions, but please do everyone a favor and read them this time, since we all know none of us are funny enough to do this on our own. (Kidding! Not really.) Game night just got infinitely better.

Although I still fancy a stirring round of Candy Land, Cards Against Humanity has, admittedly, changed the way we game. The infamous fill-in-the-blank game is one of the few excuses we have in life to be embarrassingly inappropriate — in fact, during CAH, you strive for it. Good behavior, polite manners, and political correctness have all gone out the window in exchange for sentences resulting from card combinations like this:

Cards Against Humanity does already offer blank black and white cards you can download and print from their website, but this latest expansion pack makes things much more ~official~ and ~legitimate~ and basically means you're a certified CAH professional. I'm absolutely certain they wouldn't see it that way, since we're talking about the same people who allow you to suggest a card on their website by entering in the details and clicking a button that says, "Submit bad idea." Still, nothing is going to stop me from buying these and writing down every last inappropriate inside joke between me and my friends.

Cards Against Humanity is forever looking to up the funny, which is why they periodically offer updates, expansions, and variations of the original deck. For instance, their Back to School bundle, according to their online store, has "everything you need for the best four years of your life. Five if you're an idiot," is all about "learning and throwing up," and "won’t put you $300,000 in debt." The Period Pack is their "most absorbent pack yet" and is "lightly scented to help prevent odors." The Green Box, Red Box, and Blue Box expansions add hundreds of new cards to the original box.

Cards Against Humanity is about so much more than Saturday's game night. The iconic game has made headlines for reasons far beyond its intended purpose. Did you know they bought an island and named it Hawaii 2? It's considered an affiliate of CAH, according to Hawaii 2's website, and they gave it away as part of their 2014 Holiday Bullsh*t campaign. Anyone can visit what they're calling, "The Okayest Place On Earth," as long as they treat the land with respect. And let's not forget Holiday Hole — the Black Friday gag CAH held where they committed to digging a hole as long as people kept donating money, and over $100,000 was forked over.

If you're expecting some deeper purpose to this, there isn't one, except for a really deep hole. So stop looking.

While they're mostly about getting a good laugh, they can be serious, too. (Sometimes.) According to TIME, CAH once gave $1,000 to 100 people each who were found to be the least economically fortunate in a survey. It was done in a move to remind us of wealth disparity. They've also done their share to stop the wall that Donald what's-his-name has always talked about.

They do good deeds. They make us laugh until we wet ourselves. While some games are here to make us think, Cards Against Humanity definitely is not. Round up your best pals and let's make things weird.