Carly Recently Went To The Hospital, But Don't Worry, The 'Bachelor' Alum & Her Baby Are OK

by Marenah Dobin
Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bachelor in Paradise fan-favorite Carly Waddell had a very scary experience recently, especially since she's currently pregnant with her second child. Us Weekly reported that Carly ended up in the hospital, but don't worry, she and the baby are doing OK.

Carly documented the whole journey in a series of Instagram Story posts on Monday, July 8. In the first video, she told her followers, "Sitting in urgent care because I fell walking up the stairs today. I am pretty sure I broke my finger." In the next video, Carly remarked, "The good news is that I can move it too much. I don't know why this is funny. It's not funny. I've never broken anything."

Carly went on to explain why it was actually a good thing that she hurt her pinky when she fell. In another video, she remarked,

"The really good news about this is that my pinky broke my fall and I didn’t fall on my stomach so that’s really good because I can still feel the baby moving."

Yes, it is — a hurt pinky is a lot better than falling on a pregnant belly. That's for sure. She commented, "That's really, really good." Carly has a small injury, but thankfully the baby seems to be safe and sound.

Carly confirmed that her pinky is definitely broken in a caption for another one of her Instagram Stories, including a photo of her new cast for proof.

There's a solution for Carly's pinky, but she's actually not taking the doctor up on it. In another video, she revealed, "The doctor wants me to have surgery and get pins in my finger, but I don't want to do that because I'm pregnant. That's not something I'm willing to risk."

However, Carly said that skipping out on the surgery means that she will always "have a pinky that looks a little funny," which really isn't a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.

At another point in the video, Carly addressed the large cast that goes past her wrist. She joked, "Everyone is asking me why I have a giant cast when I just broke my pinky. I don’t have an answer to that. This is just how I am. This is what the doctor did."

To make matters worse, Carly revealed that her husband Evan Bass was in Connecticut during this whole ordeal. Having a big cast might make things difficult for a bit, so it will probably be a relief when he comes back home to Nashville.

Carly even posted a photo of her attempt to hold hands with her daughter Bella with her a cast on. She needed that other hand to film the IG Story #InfluencerProblems

Of course, it's not great that Carly fell on her pinky, but the situation definitely could have been a lot worse, as the Bachelor in Paradise alum pointed out herself. Hopefully Evan will be back home in no time, and she'll have a speedy recovery.