Carol Wants To Kill Alpha On 'Walking Dead' — But She Might Lose

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Season 10. Carol is acting like she has found peace at sea, but she's still very much mourning the loss of her son Henry in The Walking Dead Season 10 premiere. Yet, she might find some solace in revenge since Carol may kill Alpha on The Walking Dead. The Whisperers' leader was directly responsible for the death and beheading of Henry at the Kingdom's fair in Season 9. With a time jump of months in both the Season 9 finale and Season 10 premiere, Carol has been trying to put her son's death behind her. However, the look Carol and Alpha share at the end of "Lines We Cross" is proof Carol hasn't moved on from what Alpha did and vengeance is bound to be on her mind for the rest of the season.

After massacring many major characters at the fair, Alpha ordered the communities of the Kingdom (RIP), Hilltop, Alexandria, and Oceanside to adhere to her boundaries and stay off the Whisperers' land. The Whisperers fled the area in the winter and weren't really around in the Season 9 finale, "The Storm" — and no one has seen them since at the beginning of the Season 10 premiere.

But the fear of what the Whisperers can do continues to plague the survivors.

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Carol is the exception though. She has taken to fishing for Oceanside and when she returns to the land, she acts as if she's not worried about the Whisperers. "I tried to forget everything that happened, it was good," Carol tells Daryl about her time at sea. "If we're lucky, we never have to think about those skin freaks ever again." But that illusion is quickly shattered when Daryl tells her that a Whisperer skin mask washed ashore at Oceanside.

Even so, Carol is intent on pretending like she's not in pain from Henry's death. While hunting with Daryl in the woods, she is dismissive of Alpha's past threats. "Why are we still respecting borders we never agreed to when Alpha isn't even here? Can we just forget about them already?" Carol says. The BFFs then dream of driving off on Daryl's motorcycle and heading out West to New Mexico.

But, as is standard for The Walking Dead, reality comes crashing down on them — this time literally when a Russian space satellite falls to the earth and causes a forest fire past Alpha's border.

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After the fire is put out, Daryl and Carol rather recklessly go further into Whisperer territory. Carol then looks down and sees Alpha emerge from the woods. They make deadly eye contact and without a word being spoken, war has commenced — not only between the groups but between these two women.

Her bestie Daryl threatened to punch holes in the boats to keep her around, because it seemed possible Carol would flee from her feelings yet again. But upon seeing the Whisperer leader, Carol seems to know that killing Alpha is the only thing that will truly bring her peace. In the Season 10 trailer, Carol can be heard saying, "b*tch has to die," undoubtedly about Alpha. Plus, Carol actor Melissa McBride has said "feelings of vengeance" will be a part of Season 10 in the first look video below.

Executive producer and frequent director Greg Nicotero hinted to TVLine ahead of the Season 10 premiere that Carol and Alpha's beef is just getting started. "Knowing Carol's history, I think [a smackdown is] pretty likely," Nicotero said. "She's definitely got a vendetta." With that look she gave Alpha, Carol won't be returning to the sea anytime soon since she has a new mission. And unlike, Rick when it came to Negan, fans can expect Carol to see this revenge thing through, at any cost.