Carrie Fisher's Dog Gary Inspired A 'Last Jedi' Character & This Sounds Like A Beautiful Tribute

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BB-8 may have just met his adorable match. It turns out there's a character in The Last Jedi inspired by Carrie Fisher's dog, Gary. Director Rian Johnson confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that there's an alien in Episode VIII that looks a lot like Fisher's French bulldog Gary. It's a delightful Easter egg for fans, but it's also the perfect tribute to the late Fisher, who is making her final Star Wars appearance in The Last Jedi. After all, she never seemed to go anywhere without her droopy-tongued pooch.

The new character was likely supposed to be a secret, but one fan managed to spot the pup in a photo that appears in Empire magazine's January issue. The exclusive shot features Finn (John Boyega) and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) having what looks like an epic stare-down. But, if you take your eyes off of them for a moment, you'll notice an alien to the left of the pair, who's holding something in his arms. Why yes, that is a Gary-inspired space dog.

The fan was so convinced that they tweeted at Johnson to ask, "we want to know if you can confirm this cute little creature is #spacegary." While surprised, Johnson did quickly tweet back an excited confirmation. "YES!" he wrote. "Wow, good eyes." Seriously, how did they see this? Also, how adorable is the name "Space Gary"?

While there's no word on how big Space Gary's role actually is in the newest installment, Johnson told Rolling Stone that Fisher's role will remain the same in The Last Jedi. While there was speculation that General Leia's story would need to be changed in the film being that Fisher passed away shortly after filming the movie, Johnson told the magazine it remains completely the same. "We didn't end up changing a thing," he said of Fisher's part in the film. "Luckily, we had a totally complete performance from her."

Johnson didn't say whether Space Gary was added in post, or if Fisher knew all along that her beloved dog would be part of the film, and in a way, it doesn't really matter. Having Gary play even a small role in the new film is a lovely tribute to Fisher, who brought her dog on-set with her throughout making both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. It means the two best friends will share one last moment together.

Gary — who, yes, does have his own Instagram account where he often posts tributes to Fisher — often appeared on the red carpet and in interviews when she was promoting The Force Awakens.

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During a 2015 Good Morning America interview, Gary even got his own seat alongside Fisher, who couldn't help but gush about her doggy companion that was actually her daughter Billie Lourd's dog until she made him her service pet to help her handle her bipolar disorder. Though, Fisher joked in a 2013 interview with The Herald Tribune that she's also there to support Gary. She said,

“Gary is mental also. My mother says Gary is a hooligan. Gary is like my heart. Gary is very devoted to me and that calms me down. He’s anxious when he’s away from me.”

Gary's also a great dog to run things by. Fisher told GMA that Gary was the first person to see The Force Awakens and gave a rousing review. "He panted all the way through it," she said. "I think it was too loud." It's a fair assessment.

While it's unclear if he'll get the same opportunity with The Last Jedi, Gary, who now lives with Fisher's assistant Corby McCoin, recently posted a video of himself watching the trailer for the film, out Dec. 15. "Just watched the new trailer of The Last Jedi," he wrote, "and my mom looks more beautiful than ever."

It's be interesting to see what Gary will have to say about Star Wars' homage to him. Though, he might not be able to take his eyes of Fisher long enough to even notice. No, you're crying.