Carrie Fisher's Dog Gary Posts A Sad Tribute To His Owner On Instagram That Will Make You Cry — PHOTO

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

The world is completely in shock following the death of Carrie Fisher, General Leia herself, which was followed by the death of her mother, fellow actor Debbie Reynolds, a day later. At only 60 years old, no one anticipated Fisher's death, especially since she'd made such a vital comeback in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Fisher is survived by her daughter, actor Billie Lourd, but she also had another incredibly important companion that she took everywhere with her — her dog, Gary. And Carrie Fisher's dog Gary posted an Instagram tribute to his mom that was so sad that the world just can't handle it right now.

Because the actor was such a legend, known for her outspoken nature, her amazing style, and unapologetic lifestyle, it's only fitting that her dog, Gary Fisher, has his own Instagram account. Plus, the awesome photos posted by Gary prove just how fun and carefree Fisher was in her every day life, and there was obviously a lot of love between the owner and her most beloved pet.

The fact that Gary joined Fisher in hospital when she was admitted shows how close the pair were. If you haven't teared up yet today, then prepare yourself, because Gary Fisher's tribute to his owner is perfect, and will give you all of the feels.

Gary posted a photo of Fisher's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which was made by fans in recent days to celebrate the actor's achievements and counteract the fact that she was never awarded one during her life. Alongside the photo, Gary wrote,

I miss her soooo much, she was the BEST mOm eVeR!! I ❤️ u and Ms. Debbie too. 🐶😞😪 #garyloveshismom#garyloveshisfans #garyfisher #garyissad

Basically, his hashtags are everything, and fans everywhere can definitely relate to his heartfelt post. So far, the Instagram has over 26 thousand likes, and that's sure to increase over the coming days. Losing Reynolds so soon after Fisher's passing must be a brutal and devastating shock to family members, and Gary's message highlights how hard the proximity of their deaths really is.

TMZ reported that Fisher's daughter Lourd is set to take custody of Gary following Fisher's death. The actor is the perfect new partner for Gary, and the world is thinking of them both.