'Bachelor' Fans Think Cassie Looks Like Beck From 'You' & You Won't Be Able To Unsee It

Lifetime/Netflix; ABC/Rick Rowell; murray1140/Twitter

At this point in Colton's Bachelor season, there are just so many women that it can be tough to keep track of everyone. However, Cassie on The Bachelor stands out from the pack — for more reasons than one. It turns out, there are plenty of viewers who think Cassie looks like Beck from You on Netflix.

Taking things a step further, there are actually some viewers who are convinced that Cassie and Elizabeth Lail, the actor who plays Beck, are actually the same person. Well, most of those people were probably kidding. Nevertheless, there's a Bachelor/You crossover happening and viewers just cannot get over the resemblance.

For anyone who's thinking, "huh?, that's completely understandable. There are a lot of contestants left on the current Bachelor season. Just as a reminder, Cassie is a the speech pathologist and she's the one who came out of the limo on the first night with a box full of faux butterflies. Cassie is also the only one who wore a casual outfit and not a cocktail dress during the first episode, something that made her very relatable. She also got a good amount of screentime during the second episode, since she was on the winning team for that camp group date.

Without giving away any major You spoilers, Penn Badgley's character Joe works at a bookstore and Beck is one of the customers who catches his attention... to put it mildly. She's the primary focus of his affections and the Lifetime-turned-Netflix series itself.

Plotlines aside, the resemblance is just uncanny. Are these two the same person? Obviously not, but no one would be at all shocked if they were somehow related. Just check out some of the tweets — fans cannot get past the similarities.

They Really Do Look Alike

Are these two somehow related? They have to be, right? They just look so much alike. This is especially true in these two photos since they're both holding mugs.

Some Viewers Can't Help Worrying

Thankfully, You is a scripted show and The Bachelor is a reality TV show. Without giving away some You spoilers, that is definitely for the best. If that was the reality show, viewers would have a lot to worry about.

They Could Be Twins

They really do look alike. Not only that, but The Bachelor and You are both highly talked about shows right now. Of course, they're both top of mind.


Of course, they are not actually the same person. Nevertheless, there really is a strong resemblance there.

Cassie = Beck

No, it's not "just you." There are are a lot of people who watch Cassie on The Bachelor and just see Beck from You.

They Act Alike Too

Beck is a graduate student on You and Cassie is taking graduate school classes as well. Oh, and in case you haven't heard, they look alike.

A Lot Of People Are On Board

Just to make it clear, you are not the only one who thinks Cassie is a dead ringer for Beck. Far from being the only one. Now it's going to be hard to watch The Bachelor and not think "Beck" whenever Cassie is on screen.

They *Might* Be The Same Person

Again, they're obviously not the same person, but there really is a striking resemblance.

As of this moment, neither Cassie or Lail has weighed in on the similarities. It's also tough not to wonder if Colton has ever watched You. Was he thinking about their resemblance when he is rewatching the episodes now?

Maybe, but that's where the similarities end. Thankfully, Colton and Badgley's character Joe have very different dating styles.