Cassie Just Moved Closer To Colton AND One Of Her 'Bachelor' BFFs

John Fleenor/ABC

Now that the dust is finally beginning to settle after Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood's Bachelor finale, this couple seems to be settling into normal life after falling in love on reality TV. And now, they've taken another step in taking their relationship to the next level. As she revealed in an Instagram post she shared on Wednesday, Cassie just moved to be closer to Colton — and in the process, she happened to move into the same apartment building as one of her Bach BFFs, too.

According to Cassie's post, she and her sister Michelle have moved into a new place that's close to where her new boyfriend lives, and although she's not giving up her home in Huntington Beach, she's excited for the fresh start her life in the city will give her.

Cassie wrote:

"Today marks a new chapter for me and @michellerandolph! I’m not abandoning my beach home, (since I’ll be interning for grad school in HB) but adding a city home to the mix.. and bonus, I’m now closer to Colton so yay! OH and in the same building as Caelynn! Any other S23 girls wanna join?"

It seems like she's pumped about this new development, especially since she gets to do it with her sister — and as we all learned from Cassie's hometown date, she and Michelle have always been really close.

And it seems like Caelynn is equally as pumped to have Cassie as her new neighbor, because she commented on the photo, writing, "YESS can't wait!!" Knowing the kind of friendship they formed on The Bachelor, it seems like this is working out kind of perfectly for them both.


But if you're a little confused that Cassie is moving in with her sister and not Colton, don't be — it seems like this was always the plan. On After The Final Rose, they said that while they plan to "be together every single day," they're not in a rush to share the same address. At the time, Colton told Chris Harrison:

"The plan right now is I moved down here. We're going to be traveling a lot this next year and we're going to be spending a lot of time together. It's a big step in our relationship as well. We've had the conversations, but we're not gonna rush anything."

As we all learned from their emotional discussions in Portugal, moving slowly seems to be the right choice for Colton and Cassie, so it makes sense that they'd want to start off by living in the same city before they live under the same roof. And judging by their social media posts over the last few weeks, it definitely seems to be working for them so far.

It's been so much fun to watch Colton and Cassie's relationship unfold now that they're able to date publicly, and with them living closer together, it's inevitable that the adorable Instagram posts will only continue. Maybe Cassie will show off photos of her new place? Knowing her, chances are high that it will be super cute.