Channing Tatum's LOL 'Love Island' Comments May Put Him In Danny Dyer's Bad Books

by Louise McCreesh
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Channing Tatum may currently be gracing the United Kingdom with his super handsome face and (I'm sure) enigmatic presence, but it seems he could soon be heading for the safer shores of the United States, or at the very least, retracting a few previous comments. While I'm sure last week you would have thought it highly unlikely to see Channing Tatum, Danny Dyer, and 'Love Island' all in one sentence, in turns out the three are now connected after the American actor gave a very interesting interview.

Tatum, famous for movie classics such as 21 Jump Street, is currently in the UK to promote the arrival of Magic Mike Live in London from Nov. 10 to April 28 next year. The actor's promotional tour started with a surprise appearance on the Britain's Got Talent live final on Sunday and culminated in a slot on Capital FM's "Capital Breakfast Show" on Wednesday. Hosted by Roman Kemp, Channing popped into the London studio to give his personal verdict on this year's Love Island contestants, and may have gotten himself in a spot of bother in the process.

Following his critique of junior doctor Alex George, the second Love Island 2018 contestant Tatum was asked to speculate widely about based on their picture was Dani Dyer. Dani is of course the daughter of actor Danny Dyer, a fact unbeknownst to Tatum while giving his verdict. At least, initially. And — while not necessarily offensive — Tatum's answer sure was bizarre.

"I think [Dani] would start telling you about a class recently that she was taking — underwater basket weaving — and that I should try it, and that… it’s very focus orientated of holding your breath, and focusing on the weaving," Tatum said. "That’s what I think we’d be talking about.”

Show host Roman Kemp was then quick to inform Tatum of Dani's famous parentage. "Dani is actually the daughter of one of the hardest men in British TV," he explained. "He’s the tough guy." Which, in turn, let Tatum to retract his comments: “OK, I take back everything that I said. Well, I guess I didn’t say anything horrible."

Kemp responded: "To be fair, I don’t want to start a beef between you and Danny Dyer." And, Tatum — at this point wearing a mask of pure terror — replied: "No, I don’t want to have to do that. I haven’t spent any time [in the UK]. I don’t want to have to leave on a plane tonight." At this juncture, I'd like to point out that Tatum was never shown a picture of Danny Dyer during his time at Capital. Had he been, I'm absolutely convinced he would have thought himself capable of out-harding (is that a thing?) the EastEnders actor across the board.

Fortunately, Dani wasn't the only Love Island contestant to receive an appraisal from Tatum. Indeed, when asked what job he thought Alex did, Tatum replied: “I think Alex is a barista. I think his favourite thing to do is gel his hair, and that’s all I got.”

Love Island/ITV

It was then up to Kemp to break the news Alex is an A&E doctor, which Tatum generally did look shook about. And, despite his surprise at Alex's unlikely occupation, it seems Tatum now has a clear favourite Islander he will champion to take the Love Island 2018 crown (and potentially £50k or £25k prize money).

"Out of Wes, Dani, and Alex that you saw there, who out of the three do you think could go the furthest?" Kemp asked.

“I’m gonna go with Dani," Tatum replied. "Just because her father might kill everyone in London if she is not voted for positively." Good choice, Tatum. It looks like Alex could be leaving the Love Island villa any minute now, anyway.

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