Charlize Theron Continues To Be Boss Lady Goals By Producing & Starring In Another Film

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's a crazy thought: I think Charlize Theron might be a vampire. Have you noticed that she has looked exactly the same since 2003? Have you seen how much this woman does — producing, acting, philanthropy, activism? Does she sleep? No, because vampires don't need sleep. OK, she's probably not a blood-sucking creature, but even if the Mad Max: Fury Road actor isn't a creature of the night, Charlize Theron continues to be boss lady goals by producing and starring in yet another film. Variety reports that Theron signed on to produce and star in the spy thriller Need To Know, an upcoming film based on an upcoming novel by former CIA analyst of several years, Karen Cleveland.

Theron will be producing alongside frequent collaborators Beth Kono and A.J. Dix through their Denver & Delilah Films production company. A boss lady always knows to stick with people they trust!

The film (and novel!) will follow a wife and mother who also happens to be a CIA analyst. While hot on the trail of a Russian sleeper cell in the U.S., this wife/mother/analyst uncovers a threat to her job, her family, and her life. What is a spy to do?


This movie is just another in a long list of Charlize Theron projects. She's got studio projects The Fate of the Furious which debuts April 14 and The Coldest City (another spy thriller!) which hits theaters July 28. Like on Need to Know, Theron is producing and starring in The Coldest City alongside a team of greats. She's joined by an all-star cast of James McAvoy, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Sofia Boutella, and John Goodman. Then, the co-director of the popular action film John Wick, David Leitch is directing. Lots of gigs all featuring awesome collaborators — B.O.S.S L.A.D.Y!

But that's not all Theron's up to. She's also getting back into the indie comedy game with director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody. The three previously came together on the 2011 Young Adult. Their upcoming film ,Tully, began shooting in Fall 2016.


Maybe Charlize Theron isn't a vampire (and I mean maybe) but she certainly gets a lot done. Vampire or not, she's definitely a boss lady and it's going to be a delight to watch another Theron-produced and Theron-starring film! Get it, girl!