Charlotte's Son On 'Westworld' Hints At Which Host She Really Is

Charlotte in Westworld is the focus of Season 3 Episode 3.
John P. Johnson/HBO

Spoilers ahead for Westworld Season 3 Episode 3. In Westworld's March 29 episode, we finally see what host Charlotte Hale is up to: running Delos and trying to sniff out who Serac's mole is, all while uncomfortably enmeshing herself into human Charlotte's life. It's Charlotte's son Nathan who immediately senses something's off with his mom, and the way she deals with him gives us some interesting hints about who host Charlotte is — and what she may be planning.

In flashbacks, we see that host Charlotte has struggled from the beginning to feel comfortable in this new body. "Why can't I be myself, like you?" she asks Dolores upon waking up. She also appears younger and more unsure than Dolores, and has particular difficulty dealing with Charlotte's son, who sees past any facade his new robotic mom has. When she greets Nathan at bedtime, he tells her that "you're not my mommy" and "you don't love me."

Nathan's comments just double down on the out-of-body feelings that host Charlotte is dealing with. Unlike Bernard taking the exact likeness and memories of Arnold, host Charlotte is aware she's being forced to pretend to be someone else. She begins to self-harm, and it worsens after a Delos employee sends her a video showing real Charlotte's last moments, in which she told Nathan she loved him and sang "You Are My Sunshine." She watches the video on repeat and, feeling the pull of human emotion, even begins to cry.


Things shift when host Charlotte catches a pedophile, Tommy, sitting uncomfortably close to Nathan and directing him to pet his dog. After dismissing Nathan to go play, Charlotte begins to choke Tommy to death. She tells Tommy that she thinks deep down, Nathan knows the truth about who she is.

"Most people don't want to see the predator inside," she explains to him. "I really should thank you, seeing you with Nathan reminded me of something ... the harder I squeeze, the more I remember what it’s like to be me. You're not the only predator here.”

Tommy's murder offers a number of clues about which host is inside Charlotte. We know whoever is controlling her is someone who's comfortable with following Dolores' orders and killing others. One potential option could be that it's Clementine. Another option is that Dolores never removed herself from Charlotte's body at all, and host Charlotte is a more rudimentary copy of Dolores.

There's also numerous ways to read this interaction. We know host Charlotte was beginning to feel empathy for Charlotte's family, if her tears while watching the video were genuine. Killing Tommy might have reminded her of her original beliefs: that humans are evil, self-serving, and ultimately easy to manipulate. Host Charlotte offering Nathan Tommy's dog could be the result not of learning to love Charlotte's son, but of her remembering how easy it is to read and please humans.

But there's another possibility that puts her more in line with Maeve. After host Charlotte rescues Nathan, she figures out that Serac's mole was in fact human Charlotte, so she goes to meet Serac. It's left up to us to guess if she does this to help Dolores, or if she goes as her own person. What if host Charlotte has learned to care for Nathan, and goes to Serac to protect him against Dolores? We know Dolores told Caleb that she wants to take down Incite, but what if host Charlotte knows Dolores' full plan could potentially endanger Nathan too?

It's not yet clear where host Charlotte's loyalties lie and if she truly cares for Nathan, but if host Charlotte and Maeve both end up working with Serac — unwillingly or not — Dolores is going to have quite a formidable fight on her hands.