Uh Oh, This 'Bachelorette' Contestant Is Already Causing Drama For Becca

Paul Hebert/ABC

The return of The Bachelorette means that Becca's getting another shot at romance on the ABC series, and it's time to start getting to know the men behind the roses. Who is Chase from The Bachelorette? The Floridian suitor may be sending mixed messages.

Fans have already met Chase in the After The Final Rose special that revealed Becca as the new Bachelorette. He was lowkey flustered, which is kind of amazing to watch. According to his LinkedIn, he works in advertising at Vergason Sojourner McWaters Ad Agency just north of Orlando. He may not strike you as a Don Draper type, which, let's be real, is probably a good thing. This is Chase's work biography, per their website:

Chase E. Vergason is the third generation to start at VSM after his grandfather began the agency in the 1960s. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a business degree and quite an extensive baseball highlight reel—having played in the College World Series for USC. On the roster for VSM, Chase heads up the Digital Marketing efforts for the agency, sharing his expertise in the areas of SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and more ... Because of his dedication to business ethics, he is committed to keeping VSM's Digital Marketing program as an elite, industry-leading service at cost-appropriate price points.

On a slightly less serious side, here is Chase's official bio from ABC.

"A college baseball player, Chase competed in the College World Series twice as third baseman for the University of South Carolina. He loves adventure, the outdoors and is excited to embrace wherever life takes him."

"Chase is involved in a little drama on night one," teased Chris Harrison in his Facebook Live rundown of Becca's contenders. "I think the facial hair may have lead you to know that he was gonna be a part of some drama on night one. He just kind of looks like that kind of a character, doesn't he?"

Paul Hebert/ABC

Oh, interesting. Is this a Bachelorette villain set-up? Is a little bit of scruff really enough (no rhyme intended) to give that away? Maybe he's headed straight to Bachelor in Paradise where villains and drama-stirrers thrive. We'll see.

But, that wouldn't be in line with how he wants people to think he acts. His social media is full of faith-based inspirational messages. He has a couple college baseball throwbacks, but not so many that you would immediately worry about him living in the past. Of course, social media is carefully curated — so you never know.

Here are some other things you can glean from Chase's online presence about who this Bachelorette suitor really is.

He Plays Piano

Not bad, and if you look at the caption for this post it's all about finding ways to wind down and focus in the face of adversity. That's definitely something he and Becca can connect over. Also, spot the dog!

He's Into Bowhunting

If you have Katniss Everdeen aspirations, he may be the guy for you.

Whatever This Is

This raises multiple questions. First, how warm is it outside? Long pants, boots, and no shirt? Who knows. Doesn't make any sense. Second of all, why is there watermelon smashed all over the ground, and why is he eating it in the middle of the road? Looks like Chase stumbled across some kind of horrible watermelon accident and decided to make the best of it.

Hopefully he's not a villain on this show. That shakey, bumbling first impression was way too cute, even if he and Becca don't end up hitting it off on The Bachelorette. Fingers crossed that whatever "drama" Harrison alluded to isn't all that bad.