4 Ways To Make Your Edinburgh Fringe Fest Travel Plans A Whole Lot Cheaper

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It's that time of year again guys. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is nearly upon us. Performers are limbering up, getting their shows together, and packing up their lives for the best part of a month. I know right? You can hear the light flitter of jazz hands already. Magical isn't it? However, as with a lot of dreadfully popular events, logistics must be considered before you even get to the enjoyment bit. And as we all know, that can be expensive. SO, finding the cheapest way to get to the Edinburgh Fringe is absolute essential and, lucky for you, I've shared some of my top tips on exactly that below.

As Edinburgh sits up on the top end of the UK, for some people, getting there is a bit of a mission. Especially for those who aren't lucky enough to have their own set of wheels. (And, TBH, even if you do have your own set of wheels, the effing petrol costs more than an arm and a leg.)

And, not to be a bit of a negative Nancy over here, but when you look at the startling costs of public transport as the big event fast approaches, you may actually despair. However, there are some options to consider that may just leave you with enough change to actually enjoy the festival.

Join a carpool

If you pop on over to Facebook, there are a whole bunch of groups there with performers and visitors chewing the cud. One that is definitely worth taking a wee look at is Edinburgh Fringe Performers Forum. On here you will see lots of performers discussing their shows, trying to source various props etc, and a whole myriad of festival related topics. However, it is also actually a flipping brilliant way to see if anybody is offering a carpool or looking to buddy up to rent a vehicle. So not only is it more cost effective but, hey, you might make some new pals along the way.

Take a coach

Obviously taking coaches is another way to save dough compared to planes, trains, and automobiles. Price comparison services like checkmybus.co.uk will offer the most broad comparison of what prices are being offered by various companies. It's a very long journey if you're travelling up from somewhere south, but just think of all the show tickets you can buy with the cash you save. It'll be worth it, I promise.

Make the train journey cheaper

I am sure that train tickets feel a million miles away, financially speaking. Well, the thing is guys, there are a few cheeky hacks that you can totally cash in on.

Like, have you got a railcard? if you are either 16-25 or 26-30, you can get your mitts on a railcard that will pay itself off in literally like three train journeys max.

Also, there are some cute little tricks regarding non-direct trains that can actually save you a wedge. Websites like splitmyfare.com will help you save a bunch of cash.

Flight prices may surprise you

This may come as a surprise, but flights may potentially be the cheapest option when it comes to getting to the Fringe. Which is a sad situation considering the carbon footprint involved. Websites like skyscanner.net are a good option for comparing prices and getting the best deal. But, if at all possible, try and go for a more mother-earth-friendly choice. Perhaps you could fly there and take another, greener form of transport back down? Every little helps.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The festival begins Aug. 2 and goes all the way until Aug. 26. Meaning 24 days of unbridled entertainment from the world's best performers. It's an amazing opportunity to see already super famous starsalongside the best up-and-coming talent around. From comedians to actors to singers to poets, and much more, Edinburgh Fringe is where it's at.