Croissant Corsages Exist & The Photos Are Truly Delicious


No one has ever dreamed a bigger dream than this. In fact, I don't know if anyone has imagined anything as staggering, as innovative, as... crispy. You know that awkward moment at prom when you stuck each other with pins trying to work out how corsages and boutonnières worked? Well, if you thought that moment was great but could have benefited from some baked goods, then your moment has arrived. Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Croissant Corsages are the only think that could make me want to go to prom again. Yes. Croissant. Corsages. The clue is in the title.

"Such similar words, yet so, so different!" the Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen website explains. But now, they don’t have to be — especially when they go so well together! Give your prom date a corsage they’ll never forget!" Per Delish, apparently it all started back in 2017, when someone confused a croissant and a corsage and inspired an entire revolution of croissant corsages — and I'm so glad they did.

Seriously, what better way to show your affection than with flaky golden pastry? It's actually more romantic than it sounds. You can order the corsage with roses in your choice of color and baby’s breath — along with a gorgeous little Honey Butter Croissant nestled in the middle. The corsage is designed by Petals and Stems Florist and Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen provides the baked goods. Not only that, but when you spend $20 on the croissant (and corsage) then you also get a $10 gift card to Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. So really, it's basically 10 bucks for the corsage and then 10 bucks to spend on joy and happiness and baked things. Unfortunately, the offer is only available in Dallas, TX — and you have to order by Tuesdays for pick-up on Friday or Saturday. With a little planning and a little luck, you'll be heading to your dance in style. Anyone fancy a trip to Dallas?


Let's be honest, though — no matter how much you love a croissant, many of us don't have any excuses to wear one coming up. Luckily, croissants are BIG MOOD at the moment, so even those of us who have long out-aged prom have some delicious treats available to us. The Cinnamon Croissant Loaf at Trader Joe's is one of the most singularly beautiful things that I've ever seen in my entire life — a thing of balance and grace. Then of course there's the Godiva Croiffle, which is part waffle, part croissant, part chocolate, and all genius. Even savory lovers haven't been left out of the equation. While croissants are often filled with almond paste or dusted with sugar, Aldi decided to think outside of the box with their Everything Croissants — croissants rocking your favorite bagel seasoning. Let's just take a moment and be grateful, because the human imagination is a powerful thing.

Whether you have a formal occasion coming up or just want an excuse to wear your favorite treat, then the Croissant Corsage might just be your dream come true. And really, do you ever need an excuse for croissant dressed up in formalwear? I think not. Look good and snack on.