Chris Evans' Latest 'Strictly' Update Doesn't Bode Well For His Chances On The Show

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The time has come again for the contestants to be chosen to compete in what can only be described as the TV event of the year: Strictly Come Dancing. (Is it obvious I'm a fan of the show?) Its 2019, a fresh new year, and following Stacey Dooley's 2018 win, the glitterball is up for the taking. While the hit show is not going to be back on our screens until September (trust me, I'll be waiting with baited breath) the contestants are starting to be chosen, and tensions are rising. Chris Evans was one of the celebrity names confirmed for the 2019 series back in December, but now there's some suggestion that he may have to back out. So, will Chris Evans be on Strictly Come Dancing?

Back in December, Evans announced on BBC One's The One Show that he was doing the show saying "everyone puts it off and tries and keep it a secret. No, announce now. We're doing it now" and even joking that his reason for signing onto the show was "primarily because my wife would like to go every week".

However, on March 12, Andrew Garfield appeared on Evans' breakfast show on Virgin Radio, where the actor announced that he was a Strictly fan and said: "This is the reason I wanted to come and talk to you this morning, I heard you were maybe going to be on it and I think it's a match made in heaven." Evans then admitted to Garfield that he had a problem with his knee, saying: "I've got to go for a medical because I've got a dodgy left knee so I can run on it, I can go straight but laterally I have an issue with my knee so that could be a problem." Disaster.

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Now there's been another update. Evans had Strictly legend Anton du Beke on his Virgin radio breakfast show recently, and the DJ once again brought up the issue about his dodgy left knee preventing him from dancing. Du Beke responded: "You've committed to it. Don't worry about your left knee, I'll lift you like I do with everyone else I've danced with, you'll be the same!" I couldn't agree more. Anton du Beke lifting Chris Evans is the kind of Saturday night content I have been waiting for.

Evans then continued "I've got a serious issue with my left knee. Vassos [Alexander's] mate, the super knee doctor, is inspecting my knee before Friday. Honestly it's true!" It was then revealed that, although Evans has said yes to the producers of Strictly, he hasn't actually signed a contract, the Daily Mail reports. This means that he's technically not obligated to partake in the show.

I was so looking forward to seeing Evans strutting his stuff for the glitterball, so fingers crossed he makes a rapid recovery. His potential competitors are rumoured to be newsreader Huw Edwards and Vogue Williams, according to the Radio Times. The 2019 season can't come soon enough.