Andrew Garfield Revealed He's As Obsessed With This British Reality Show As You Are

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Strictly Come Dancing has been a firm favourite with UK viewers since its inception in 2004. Ever year we watch with baited breath as the celebrities and professionals compete for the coveted glitterball trophy. But a recent admission from a A-List actor proves that we're not the only ones who have been emotionally invested in the show for the last 15 years. As Hello! reports, Hollywood darling Andrew Garfield has revealed a Strictly Coming Dancing obsession that seems to run just as deep as ours. That's right. Spider Man is a Strictly fan too!

It was during an appearance on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning (March 12) that Garfield admitted his secret Strictly fandom. The actor told Evans how excited he was about the radio host joining the 2019 celebrity lineup, saying: "This is the reason I wanted to come and talk to you this morning, I heard you were maybe going to be on it and I think it's a match made in heaven." Garfield is so freaking relatable, and I love it.

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Explaining why he is such a big fan the show, the actor:

"On my sabbatical, one of the many things I've done and maybe the most important thing I've done on my sabbatical is I've realised how important Strictly Come Dancing is. Not only for the British public but for me as an individual."

It IS so important, yes, and I am so glad that Garfield had has this epiphany. Even though the actor was born in Los Angeles, he's British and was raised in Epsom, and I am a big believer that shows like Strictly are a huge part of British culture. I mean, seriously, what's not to love?

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Garfield also talked about the most recent winner Stacey Dooley and said that he's a fan of hers too. "It's my favourite new past-time to sit and get overly invested in whether Stacey Dooley would win or not," he said. "I hoped she would win and I was very happy to see it." I wonder if he voted for her, and if he did, how many times? Pledging his allegiance to Dooley proves that Garfield is a true fan.

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Even though Chris Evans confirmed to Garfield that he will be on the 2019 series, all may not be what it appears. Evans admitted that he had a problem with his knee, which may prevent him from competing. "I've got to go for a medical because I've got a dodgy left knee so I can run on it, I can go straight but laterally I have an issue with my knee so that could be a problem," he said. But Garfield was quick to respond saying: "I thought you have to give the people what they want and that is what every person in this country wants," the actor said. "I'm a little dubious [about the knee], I do believe you, but it's a scary thing to step into!"

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Knowing Garfield's a fan too, I feel like he's a kindred spirit and I have so many questions for him. Like, how did he feel when Brendan was fired? Who should replace Pasha? Who is his favourite judge? And does he think Aston Merrygold evicted too soon?

I need answers, Andrew.