Chris Harrison's Jokes About Rachel's 'Bachelorette' Contestants Show He's Already Throwing Shade

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The day is almost here when fans get to see the new Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay meet the men vying for her heart. But in a Facebook Live presentation, host Chris Harrison introduced Lindsay's 31 suitors and didn't hold back his feelings. Oh yes, he was throwing some major shade at these guys. While Harrison gave some fun facts about the new batch of contestants — watch out for 31-year-old executive recruiter DeMario, who the host says "may not be here for the right reasons" — he couldn't help poking fun at the guys' occupations and hair styles.

His first victim was Alex, a 28-year-old information systems supervisor, whose eyebrows Harrison wanted everyone to know weren't as serious as they look in his photo. "That is serious eyebrow work right there," Harrison said with a straight face, tracing the lines of Alex's well-manicured brows. Seriously, I'm jealous and hoping he'll share his grooming secrets on the show.

Soon, Harrison was focused on Blake E., a 31-year-old aspiring drummer, who Harrison flat out insulted by shrugging and saying, "I'm an aspiring rock singer, but I think at some point, at 31, you're going to just have to call it a hobby." Wow, that's some hard truth right there.

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Harrison also attempted to explain some of the more off-beat occupations this year's bachelors hold. Hello, "Tickle Monster," which Harrison swears isn't as creepy as it sounds, and "Whaboom," which will be explained in the premiere. But he had a little fun at the expense of one 29-year-old personal trainer named Eric.

"Shocking that we have a personal trainer," Harrison said. "This is very rare, we don't have many personal trainers on the show or models. So we wanted to try something new." Of course, that couldn't be more of a lie, which Harrison hoped fans would catch. "Can you tell I was joking there?" he asked. Yes, we could, don't worry. And yes, there is also a model on the show, so don't worry about that either.

But, if there was someone who got the worst of Harrison's savagery it was poor Dean, the 26-year-old startup recruiter from Los Angeles. Or, should I say Dean's hair? Harrison admitted it didn't look its best the day his photo was taken. "I feel like that was a bad hair day for Dean. Don't let that frighten you," he said of Dean's "wedge salad" hair. "He's better than that." It seems, though, that Harrison wasn't too good to go after Dean's follicles.

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For now, fans will have to wait until Monday, May 22 when The Bachelorette returns to see if Dean's hair really is better than his photo. From Harrison's jokes, this new season may be the most entertaining yet. "Yes, of course it's going to be the most dramatic as well," the host declared on Facebook — as if Bachelor Nation would expect anything less.