Who Is DeMario On 'The Bachelorette'? Chris Harrison Says He Might Not Be "Here For The Right Reasons"

Switching things up, Chris Harrison announced Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette contestants via a Facebook Live stream on Wednesday. And during the segment, which included its fair share of snarky commentary, Harrison said DeMario might not be "here for the right reasons." It's a remark that's sure to raise fans' eyebrows before the season officially premieres. Because seriously, who is DeMario from The Bachelorette, and does he have an alternative agenda?

Well, I would say his official Bachelorette bio isn't quite helping his case. According to ABC's website, he sounds like a bit of an attention seeker. He wrote, "I won't lie, I love attention… not like '07 B. Spears attention or 2011 Sheen. Natural attention like when Justin and Brit wore those incredible denim outfits."

I mean, at least he's not on Britney Spears or Charlie Sheen's level of dramatic moments, but this definitely makes me nervous about what exactly his intentions are. Is he looking for love, or a chance at his 15 minutes of fame? But to be perfectly honest, I would probably pay money to see DeMario and Rachel don matching denim-on-denim outfits circa the 2001 MTV VMAs. Please, someone make this happen? It sounds like nostalgia gold.


As for some more background, DeMario is apparently 30 years old and works as an executive recruiter. Oh, and he's very tall — 6'4" to be exact. He also describes himself as such: "100% the party starter… always blowing my whistle and making NOISE!!! Let's fire it up, put on some Prince and party like it's 1999!!!!" Again, not helping his case, as far as not being there for attention.

Only time will tell what happens between DeMario and this season's Bachelorette. But for the sake of Rachel finding true love, I really hope his intentions are genuine — matching denim outfits and all.