Chrissy Teigen & Erika Jayne Just Took ‘RHOBH’ Fans On A Walk Down Memory Lane On Twitter

Greg Doherty/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anyone who follows Chrissy Teigen knows how much she loves Bravo, so it only makes sense she's tweeting about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while she's on her way to Shenzhen, Hong Kong for John Legend's tour. What makes this all the more hilarious is that Erika Jayne tweeted Teigen about Hong Kong. Let's not forget Jayne and her fellow RHOBH co-stars traveled there in Season 7 resulting in one of their worst trips yet, so why wouldn't she want to get in on the fun and reminisce with Teigen about that time she she cried in China?

It all started when Teigen tweeted Monday that she was on her way to China. The Hong Kong Tourism Board responded to the Cravings author by tweeting: "Hi @chrissyteigen, are you on your way to #HongKong? #Fingersfirmlycrossed!" Then, the die-hard Bravo fan replied: "In Shenzhen! We head there tomorrow! I want to do all the things the real housewives did except make erika sad."

Her tweet is so on point. It even got Jayne's attention, who tweeted, "Ha! @chrissyteigen Enjoy!!!" Of course, Teigen then replied to the "XXPEN$IVE" singer by tweeting: "junk boat or no junk boat!?" If Teigen ends up on a junk boat, she better tweet it, snap it, or Instagram it.

All of this is definitely a walk down memory lane (and not really a good one) for RHOBH fans, especially since the Season 7 trip to Hong Kong was a nightmare. As Teigen mentioned, Jayne, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, and Eden Sassoon went on a a junk boat and it didn't turn out well. Not only was there an argument about Rinna's bag of pills, but Jayne and Kemsley finally went head to head about so many of the problems they had throughout the season ("Pantygate", Jayne being "cold", etc.).

Then, the ladies had that horrific dinner, where Rinna asked Kemsley: "Were people doing coke in your bathroom?" This was the same dinner that also caused Jayne to break down over her son being a police officer in response to some "innocent" comments made by her bestie Davidson. She doesn't usually cry, so to see her sobbing was a whole new side of Jayne.

Basically, this particular group of women probably should never go to Hong Kong together ever again. Hopefully, Teigen will have a better time than they did. She most likely will, because she's with her husband and their daughter, Luna. Plus, the model is going to try hard avoid the same level of sadness Jayne experienced, which is an excellent idea.

Leave it to Teigen to relate her Hong Kong travels to Housewives. She thinks about Bravo a lot. For example, now that she is expecting her second child, Teigen worries if Luna will like her baby brother. This legitimate concern is something she also related to the Bravo world, because of course she did.

"I'm scared Luna is gonna hate her baby brother because I have a really hard time welcoming new bravo cast members," she tweeted in February. Actually, she made a good point. Snyone who watches Bravo regularly (*raises hands*), knows it's hard to get used to a new cast member. The same can be said when there's a new addition to a family, like another tiny Legend running around. It's a major adjustment, so Teigen's fear is totally understandable.

Teigen and Bravo go hand in hand. Basically, expect her to relate anything in her life to the network. Even more so, be on high alert when she travels to a location that has also been filmed for any Bravo series, she will most likely have that show on the brain.