Chrissy Teigen Just Dragged John Legend On Twitter For Not Knowing This Important Totino’s Fact

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you hear Totino's, you might think of pizza rolls. But the frozen foods purveyor also makes full-size pizza — and that fact indirectly led to a huge misunderstanding for one very famous couple. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's Totino's tweets show how their Postmates order went astray on Sunday night, but it all worked out in the end.

As the cookbook author explained on Twitter, the drama started when Teigen told Legend that she was "having a Totino's craving." That entailed a desire for "a pizza from my childhood, with sliced fresh tomatoes on top." Simple enough, right? Well, apparently not, because Legend didn't realize Totino's made actual pizza. And when the pizza rolls arrived, Teigen wasn't happy about the mistake.

"For 30 minutes we have been discussing how to ensure crispness. I say it needs to be on the rack. He says no it has to go on a pan. The pizza is merely en route and I'm so madly excited about it that we are discussing how to handle its arrival," Teigen tweeted. But the excitement quickly turned to disappointment when Legend's first Postmates order arrived, and it was pizza rolls, not flat pizza.

"He has no idea totino's makes pizza," Teigen tweeted about her EGOT-winning husband. "But more importantly he thinks I am so stupid I would think tiny pizza rolls go directly onto the rack."

Fortunately, it sounds like the story had a happy ending. Legend responded to Teigen's tweets by saying that he'd ordered a Totino's pizza.

"I love you, baby. Totinos Pizza is almost here," Legend tweeted. "I had no idea Totinos made anything other than pizza rolls."

Teigen also joked about the mishap by sharing a video of her trying to put pizza rolls on an oven rack, as her husband apparently believed she was intending. The bite-size pieces are too small to sit on the rack's grates at all, falling through to the bottom of the oven.

The regular Totino's pizza did reach the couple eventually, though. Teigen shared a photo of herself eating a piece of pizza, complete with a tomato slice on top.

While some fans also shared that they didn't know about Totino's pizza, others chimed in with their own memories of the frozen food.

Teigen has never been afraid to tease her husband on Twitter and Instagram, and this Totino's situation is just the latest example. Even when she shared a heartfelt tribute to Legend on his birthday in December, Teigen couldn't resist adding a little fun into her Instagram message by alluding to their sex life. "I love you. I showed you that this morning BOOYAHHHH," she wrote in her Instagram caption at the time.

And aside from the confusion about what Totino's actually makes, it's nice to see that even a great cook like Teigen likes eating frozen food from time to time. Sometimes, the simple pleasures of things like frozen pizza are all you need, especially if there's a nostalgia factor involved. And, clearly, for Teigen, the pleasure of a Totino's pizza is worth a two orders and a funny fight with her husband.