3 Things NOT To Do On Twitter If You Want To Avoid Chrissy Teigen Blocking You

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The queen of Twitter is proving once again why she's social media royalty. On Wednesday, Chrissy Teigen explained why she blocks people on Twitter and she's never been more relatable. "petty level: blocking people who comment on my battery life on screenshots," she tweeted. The 32-year-old cookbook author continued to explain her blocking method and, well, she deserves a round of applause.

"My block list consists of thousands. Tens of thousands. I wish you had the option to write a quick sentence about why you blocked them. I’d have the pettiest list." She then listed a few of the "petty" reasons: "'called me pug face' 'commented on battery life on screenshot' 'called out tweet I deleted for grammar'".

Surely, Teigen can't be the only one who's ever blocked someone for making a rude remark about their appearance, commenting on something so silly like a battery life (by using a screenshot!), or for calling you them for deleting a tweeting because they made grammatical error. If those are the type of people reading your tweets and they just can't help themselves by making such ridiculous statements they don't deserve to have access to your tweets.

Who has time for that? Life is way too short and there's no need to surround yourself with toxic people on Twitter. So, if you need to pull a Teigen by getting "petty" and blocking people for their absurdity, do it.

Teigen receives a lot of criticism no matter what she does, so no wonder she blocks as many people she can — even over little things. And if you hate what she posts, why not unfollow her so she never ends up with a reason to block you anyway?

Receiving unnecessary or rude comments on social media is worse for famous people, because they have a bigger following compared to the average person. When it comes to making their Twitter experience enjoyable and positive, they have to weed out the unnecessary criticism as often as they can, so who can blame them if they do what Teigen does?

You might be thinking, "Is someone commenting on your battery life really that big of a deal?" No, probably not. Teigen could easily ignore it, but it also depends on the tone and what's being said. Why is there any need to comment on something so small and silly? Sometimes it's best not to say anything at all. The fact that the Lip Sync Battle star deals with ignorance on a daily basis, like that time she was mom shamed, well, she is totally allowed to block as many people as she wants, even if the reasons aren't always as serious as others are.

There are some Twitter users who totally get where Teigen is coming from. One fan tweeted her: "I don't know what level of petty this is but sometimes I make sure to include my ridiculously high number of unread emails in a screenshot because I know it's going to make some of my type-A friends queasy and it can be rather enjoyable to relish in their discomfort." Teigen loved this response and replied, "thank u I will now pretend I am annoying people on purpose to feel better!"

Another Twitter user wrote, "I strive for this level of petty. I'm still on the stage where if someone messages me something dumb, I pretend to type for awhile. Then I delete it, and repeat. All that just so I'm sure they KNOW I read and I could care less." See, Teigen is even capable of inspiring others through her blocking system.

If you never want the model to block you, you now know what three things avoid.