Chrissy Teigen's Get Real About Social Media & Her Comments Will Make You Think

Chrissy Teigen: She's just like you. She's hilarious, she speaks her mind, and she's a little exhausted by hearing about herself all the time, even when it's good news. In fact, Chrissy Teigen's comments about social media to the Associated Press will only make you like her more. That's just the way it is. Teigen's husband is the musician John Legend, and he's performing in NBC's upcoming live musical adaptation of Jesus Christ: Superstar. The AP caught up with Teigen, and while it was ostensibly to discuss Legend's role in the show, talk turned to social media. Because of course it did.

In speaking with the AP, Teigen discussed the subject of clickbait, being online, and the endless stream of Teigen-centric news she wades through as a result of the first two. Other subjects include things like the intersection of television and politics, the question of "Who bit Beyoncé?" and how much (and how often) Teigen participated in that discussion online. As always, Teigen's responses were thought-provoking, honest, and laugh-out-loud worthy, which is all true to the star's brand.

Whip up your favorite recipe from Cravings and settle in for the day, because these Chrissy Teigen quotes about social media are an absolute treat. If you're reading this, Chrissy: Sorry about the terrible pun. (Not that sorry, though.)

Some of Teigen's recent tweets caused controversy online, and Teigen told the AP that she feels more than over it. Not that she'll let it stop her from posting her opinion, of course, but it's still been tiring for the model, author, and TV host. Every single thing she says online causes a massive response that she then has to answer for. In the last week alone, that's included preferring bacon a certain way, eating bacon at all, assembling a salad for her husband, not watching the reboot of Roseanne, and her conspiracy theories regarding who bit Beyoncé. It wasn't always like this, though. On the subject of realizing her posting at all would be a permanent part of the news cycle, Teigen said the following:

"Honestly, when I first got my first major brand endorsement, that was the first time where I couldn’t say something that I thought was funny because there could be backlash [for the brand]. Or when I couldn’t go to award shows anymore because I always prided myself on being an outsider so I got to comment on performances just like a regular fan. When I couldn’t do that (anymore) I knew that it was over for me.... I really don’t have the intention of things becoming a moment or a quote or a thing. Sometimes the things we do are not some grand statement about something bigger."

It's true! Teigen may like to post her musings online like anyone else, but unlike most people, she's an internationally-famous celebrity, a television host, a cookbook author, and is married to a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter. The way the media is structured these days, it's impossible not to write a story about Teigen's thoughts in general. It helps that she's honest, responsive, and pithy in her remarks, though that's come to be something of a downfall for her, too.

"If I had to read this many dumb things about me all day, every day, I would hate myself," she joked to AP, "So I understand the [feeling of] over-saturation."

It's easy for fans to feel like Teigen is just one of their friends online, or some famous ghostly presence at the other end of a tweet. She receives as much vitriol as she does love, with people sending hateful comments about her IVF treatments or what they perceive as her lighter transgressions. In the end, Teigen is just trying to be a person on the internet like anyone else. She might be desperate to know who bit Beyoncé on the face, but chances are high that she had an invite to the party where it happened in the first place. That's what separates her Twitter feed from most other people's. That, and about 10 million followers on Twitter.