Chrissy Teigen’s New Clothing Collab Manages To Make Cardigans Super Sexy


Just in case you thought she wasn't busy enough doing press for her second cookbook or teaming up with Target on a cookware collection or launching another set of products with BECCA Cosmetics (or being a host or a mom or a wife or the queen of social media), Chrissy Teigen has released a second collection with Revolve, and it launched on Tuesday, Oct. 23. But Teigen's nonstop schedule is precisely what inspired her to create her line of sexy sweaters, slinky silk dresses, and layering bodysuits, she tells Bustle.

"This collection was mostly inspired by working women who are always on the go and want to use all the pieces in their closet," Teigen shares over email. "I really wanted easy, chic pieces that you can effortlessly throw on. I live in LA, but love the vibe and feel of NY fashion — [I] feel like it's timeless and just works on all coasts. I wanted to embody that easy, careless vibe without feeling like you have to try so hard!"

Teigen launched her first collaboration with Revolve last October and while this collection has a lot of the same styles as her last, having her second child definitely altered her vision for designing pieces this time around. "I want [moms] to not have to sacrifice their personal style just because they have less time to get ready or to buy clothes," Teigen explains. That's why it was a priority of hers to "make a collection that's easy to just throw on and easy to mix and match."


There are over 60 pieces in Chrissy Teigen x Revolve (which offers sizes XXS - XL), ranging from cozy cardigans and dusters to beaded jumpsuits and leather pants. Her favorites? "Any of the super sexy knits (like the Sedona Pullover Sweater, Liam Pullover or the Ethan Pullover) that you can wear off the shoulder," says Teigen. "You can dress it up or down, depending on your mood, but still be cozy at the same time." She also loves the different power suits she designed for the "the working woman on-the-go."

Teigen would obviously be happy wearing any one of the pieces from her collection, but if she had to choose, the outfit she feels most herself in is an easy duster, a lace cami, jeans, and a pair of "good shoes," she tells Bustle. "It's easy to throw on, but makes you look like you're really put together. I tend to reach for pieces like the Black Tea Duster when I'm not sure what to wear — with some jeans and boots, it can be casual but with a heel, it can be sexy too!"

It's clear that looking and feeling sexy is very important to Teigen — see: all of the form-fitting dresses and plunging necklines from the collection — especially after becoming a mom of two. She knows that loving your body can be a struggle for many women, particularly because we live in an age of "filters and FaceTune," but she's hoping that the times are changing for better.

"I'm so happy that more and more celebrities and influencers are encouraging people to embrace their body and curves. How I look in [my collection] may be different than another girl, but I love how it looks on different people and for different shapes," Teigen explains. "Now that I have a daughter, I want her to be able to understand that everyone has different quirks and traits that are specific to them and that's what makes them unique and beautiful."


Teigen's daughter Luna is only two years old, yet she's already into fashion, according to her mom. "Every fitting we have, she'll try on a few pairs of heels and walk around the house in them," Teigen says. "She loves sparkles and soft textures, so fittings are like dress-up time for both Lu and I."

It's Luna's delight for fashion and beauty that encourages Teigen to keep working with brands to create things that she loves.

"Seeing [Luna] enjoy different looks and colors, and seeing her face light up when she see something she likes makes me more excited to create a collection that hopefully will do the same for other girls when they buy these pieces."