Christopher Meloni In 'Snatched' Is Miles Away From His 'SVU' Roots

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There've been plenty of great actors spotted in the Snatched trailer, but there's one man featured in the movie who fans might be surprised to see: Christopher Meloni. As luck would have it, not only do we get to enjoy a summer comedy with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer but we also get to enjoy the comedic stylings of the former SVU star, too. Trust me, if you've never seen Meloni in comedy mode, then you're going to want to check him out. He's such a pro at the genre that it's no surprise that Meloni totally steals the spotlight in Snatched.

For his latest film role, Meloni shows up as an American living in Ecuador (chosen vacation spot for Hawn and Schumer's mother-daughter duo Linda and Emily). Meloni's character, Roger Simmons, is a rough-around-the-edges explorer-type who fancies himself to be 2017's answer to Indiana Jones. So basically, Roger's a special sort of delusional. But that also makes for some entertaining plots developments as he attempts to lead Linda and Emily to safety. Never mind that his predilection for pursuing dark and scary adventures could have consequences for these two women; Roger came to party.

If you are a longtime fan of Meloni's from his Law & Order: Special Victims Unit days, then his Snatched role may come as a bit of a shock to you. Roger appears as intense as Detective Elliot Stabler, but these men end up being quite different by the time the credits on Snatched roll. That doesn't mean your SVU-lovin' self won't be able to enjoy Meloni's work, though. It just means you'll be able to indulge your fandom in a new way.


Of course, if you've seen Wet Hot American Summer, then you for sure know that Meloni loves to get goofy with his acting roles from time to time. In Wet Hot American Summer, he played Gene, the camp cook who was weirdly serious and had no idea was personal boundaries were. Seeing Meloni, as Gene, get to use those intense baby blues for making campers uncomfortable while talking about fighting in Vietnam and talking with a sentient can of vegetables (watch the movie and you'll understand) is seriously great stuff.

Basically, Snatched is proof the Meloni is a low-key comedy god. He's been a revered actor for years now and Snatched yet another great channel for his comedic talents.