Clay & Nicole's Tweets About Angela's 'BiP' Arrival Perfectly Sum Up The Situation


The one person he was hoping wouldn't end up in Mexico finally did, and Clay's tweet about Angela's Bachelor in Paradise arrival sums up how everyone felt about it: awkward. After her initial introduction, everyone on the beach turned to Clay to read his reaction. He seemed distraught, and although Angela says she's over him, her motives are definitely in question.

Clay tweeted a GIF of a slouched Adam Levine hiding behind the panels of his button-up shirt. “Me on my couch tonight,” he wrote, which is probably pretty accurate. Nicole is usually very active on Twitter during the airing of the BiP episodes, but she was traveling during this particular one (good timing?), and she let everyone know. "Lmao I’m on a plane so I can’t watch the episode," she wrote. "RIP @ me." She attached a GIF of her and Clay in Paradise in which she's yelling, "It's going down!"

Angela arrived with a date card and greeted everyone but Clay and Nicole. When she read the card aloud, it said, “Let’s finish your love story…" which seems to allude to her revisiting her relationship with Clay. Nicole immediately went into defense mode, and it was obvious that Clay didn't know how to feel.

Thankfully, the rest of people in Paradise weren't afraid to ask Angela questions. Blake asked her why she came in an effort to uncover any possible ulterior motives, and she got defensive. “If it’s ok for him to be here, then why is it not ok for me to be here?” she asked. She pulled Mike aside to chat, and he asked the same thing. But she ultimately asked Mike on her date, and he obliged. They seemed to have a good time, but everyone back on the beach remained convinced that Angela came back for Clay.

In an effort to keep that from happening, Nicole decided to do the adult thing and pull Angela aside for a chat. She told her she wanted to address the elephant in the room and let her know that she and Clay were an exclusive couple. Angela insisted that she totally understood. “I’m not a drama person," she told Nicole. "I don’t want anything to do with Clay."

But then, in a confessional with the camera, she pretty much said the opposite. “I feel like Clay still cares about me," she said. And she mentioned that when they spoke at Chris and Krystal's wedding, he allegedly didn't mention being with a girl.

Tayshia, who is close friends with Nicole, noticed Clay's uneasiness about it all and confronted him about the red flag. She asked him why he didn't confidently introduce Nicole as his girlfriend at the wedding. He said it just slipped his mind, but Tayshia didn't buy it, and she remained worried for Nicole.

Clay and Angela have yet to speak one-one-one since she arrived in Paradise, but they clearly have two different perspectives on their breakup and her overall intentions for the show. If previews indicate what actually happens, he'll soon face a really difficult decision.

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