Clues About Rachel’s 'Bachelorette' Season, Based On Her Social Media Posts

Rick Rowell/ABC

After the recent bomb dropped that Rachel Lindsay will, in fact, be the next Bachelorette, many are eager to learn more about the 31-year-old lawyer from Texas. And while fans appeared pleasantly surprised to learn of her casting, it seems there have been clues about Rachel's Bachelorette season based on her social media posts.

Her casting has most certainly piqued the interest of both fan and non-fans alike. And there's no doubt that the announcement of her upcoming lead role on the dating show marks a monumental moment for the primetime reality series. The beauty, who is also currently vying for a rose from current Bachelor Nick Viall on Season 21, will become the first black woman, or person for that matter, to appear as the long-running show's lead — and it's certainly about time, given that the Bachelor franchise has been airing for 21 seasons (and 12 seasons for the Bachelorette), to be exact.

Now that some of Rachel's casting hysteria has died down a bit, it appears that major clues hinting at her new gig may have been right under our noses all along. Just three weeks ago, she posted this photo of herself on Instagram with a vague, but perhaps, telling caption.

"Dreaming about all the exciting things to come in 2017," she wrote beneath the swimsuit shot. Sounds to me like she could be alluding to the fact that she has some pretty big things coming up in her near future... like say, The Bachelorette...

Then there's the fact that she's made so many friends during her time spent in the Bachelor pad, and shared it so freely on social media. Her carefree, bestie-like friendships may indicate that she's totally unbothered by her current competition. Hmm, could it be because she has her upcoming starring role on the brain? Probably.

The exciting Bachelorette announcement was made on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Feb. 13, when she appeared on the late-night talk show and accepted a rose from Kimmel. During her appearance on the live telecast, Rachel explained that she was “ready to find love, find a husband.”

Too bad the reveal didn't sit well with some fans, serving as a major spoiler for the remainder of the current season, and making it abundantly clear that Rachel will not be the winner of Season 21 of the Bachelor — which is definitely sad news for many. But, thankfully fans will get to join her on her new quest for love on Season 13 of the Bachelorette. I can't wait.