Clues Cardi B Is Having A Girl, From Her Sister's Instagram Post To Her New Baby Gifts

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Cardi B is truly living her best life right now. She just dropped her new album, Invasion Of Privacy, last Friday, April 6, and doubled down on the releases by announcing her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live the next night during a performance of "Be Careful." Cardi has said she knows if the baby will be a boy or a girl, but is keeping it a secret. That said, there have been some convincing clues that Cardi's baby will be a girl. Some more convincing than others, but overall, they make a pretty good case that Cardi B and Offset will be having a baby girl soon.

The 25-year-old rapper hasn't said how far along she is in her pregnancy or when she is due, but if TMZ is right, she'll be having the baby this summer; they reported in February that one of Cardi's "reps" told a staffer at a venue where she performed that she was three to four months pregnant. Though there were tons of rumors that Cardi B and her fiancé Offset from Migos were having a baby, Cardi kept her pregnancy a secret until the big SNL reveal, the best pregnancy announcement since Beyoncé at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011. And though she's trying to keep most of the details close to the vest, there's a lot out there to make fans think Cardi's having a girl.

She Said People Probably "Already Know" What Sex The Baby Is

Cardi is on a press tour right now, and it's really impressive that she hasn't cracked yet under the pressure of all of the pregnancy questions. But she might be giving in. On Friday she was on the radio show Big Boy's Neighborhood and was super excited when they gave her an adorable Gucci onesie and beanie. (Yes... this newborn will be better dressed than you on its first day on Earth.) The set was gray so that's no giveaway, but they tried to make her pick between a set of blue and pink balloons. In response, she said, "I think y'all already know what it is," but she didn't pick any balloons.

She Dropped A Pronoun

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On Monday April 9, Cardi stopped by Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning. She was asked if she would ever go back to a strip club to host an event, and she said she had just done a hosting gig at a strip club in Miami. The follow-up question from Ebro: "Did you hide the baby?"

And in her response, Cardi might have slipped! She answered, "Yeah, she was..." and trailed off. Who is she? It seems pretty obvious that she meant the baby, unless Cardi was talking in the third person, which isn't so far-fetched for her. But it seems like a pretty obvious slip-up. The whole interview is worth watching, by the way. Cardi speaks directly to the haters criticizing her pregnancy at the "height of her career," and said, "Why can't I have both?" Girl, you can and you will.

Her Sister Might Have Slipped On Instagram

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After Cardi performed on Saturday Night Live, the congratulations came flooding in, from everyone from Rihanna to Green Day. And the most important was from Cardi's younger sister, Hennessy Carolina, who, among all the excitement, might have revealed that the baby was a girl, too. She posted on Instagram a screenshot of Cardi on the SNL stage in her white Christian Siriano dress, and in the caption said that Cardi was like her "second mom" and that she knew that Cardi always wanted a baby of her own. She also wrote in a caption that has since been edited but was screenshot and put on The Shade Room's Instagram:

I use to wish I was older than you just so I wouldve gotten the chance to carry you and give you kisses when you were a baby because you were so cute and adorable! and NOW that ur baby is coming its like it’s coming true! I’m going to be able to hold baby you and give her all the kisses and hugs!

Hennessy edited the caption quickly after, though, eliminating the "her" and made it gender neutral instead: "I'm going to be able to hold ur baby and give the baby all the kisses and hugs!"

It might have just been an ordinary mistake, since the sentence was sort of confusing. She says, "I'm going to be able to hold baby you and give her all the kisses and hugs," so she might mean hold "baby Cardi" by holding Cardi's baby... but it probably meant she just slipped, because why else would she change it?

She Was Seen Opening Some Pink Gifts

This is the shakiest of all the clues that Cardi has a baby girl on the way, but with the other stuff, it seems more plausible. Radar Online posted photos on Friday of Cardi opening a bunch of pink presents. Cardi was doing an interview on SHADE 45 on Sirius XM and they gifted her a pink tutu. Now, of course, the idea that pink is only for girl babies is so heteronormative, but if the gift-givers were going by traditional ideas, then this could be a giveaway.

Cardi also said on Ebro that she and Offset already have a name picked out. Whether or not Cardi is having a girl (though it really seems like she is), there's no doubt her baby will have an amazing name coming from Belcalis Almanzar and Kiari Kendrell Cephus.