The Reason Cardi B Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret Will Make You So Mad At Social Media

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Being a celebrity often puts people in impossible situations, especially when it comes time to announce major life events. As reported by E! Online, Cardi B revealed why her pregnancy was a secret for so long, and her reason is a little bit heartbreaking, but also totally understandable. The rapper announced her happy news during her first Saturday Night Live performance on April 7, by rocking a white, form-fitting dress. Later, in a backstage video, she happily announced, "I'm finally free!" However, her excitement with sharing her pregnancy with the world was tempered by online negativity.

In a now deleted Instagram story, E! Online reported that Cardi wrote,

"This is why I did not wanted to say nothing. People be so thirsty to scrutinize and try to destroy something that it suppose to be a blessing."

While the "Bodak Yellow" rapper has received lots of support on social media, she's received negative comments as well, and that's something that no expectant parents needs in their lives. During this happy time, Cardi deserves to enjoy her pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of her baby by being surrounded by love and support. Unfortunately, the internet isn't always a kind place, and after months of speculation about the idea that the 25-year-old might be expecting, some people are responding with negativity. And that's not OK.

After deleting her Instagram Story, Cardi tweeted,

"I started winning when the whole world was doubting on me! think imma lose with my little baby counting on me?"

Her tweet is a reminder of just how far she's come in such a short time. Cardi's rise to fame has been meteoric thanks to her sheer talent and originality. That also means she's been thrust into the celebrity spotlight, where she remains a candid personality.

Even though Cardi is a total boss, she shouldn't have to deal with negative comments regarding her decision to keep her pregnancy private, and she certainly shouldn't have to answer to fans who are expressing their "concern" over what having a baby means for her career. The idea that someone can't be a mom and have a successful work life is so antiquated. And even if the singer decides to take a break after her baby's born, that's her decision to make — she has been working practically nonstop for at least two years straight now.

She and her fiancé, rapper Offset, are expecting their first child together (he has three children from previous relationships), and the rapper just dropped a new album that's appropriately named Invasion of Privacy. It's clear that Cardi is in an excellent place right now, and seeing her share her success, as well as her joy in her personal life, with her fans is such a gift. It's one that should be appreciated, because the rapper absolutely didn't have to include the world in her pregnancy.

Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner faced similar scrutiny after she decided not to announce her pregnancy. Instead, she waited until her daughter, Stormi, was born before sharing her news. Some of her fans felt betrayed, but for the young social media maven, having those nine months of privacy was what was best for her and her child. Likewise, Cardi seems to have chosen to keep her pregnancy quiet in order to preserve the experience, and to surround herself with positivity. She's also been incredibly busy as she prepared for the release of her new album.

Even though she's an artist who has no problems speaking her mind, Cardi is also a human who is currently awaiting the arrival of her first child. She deserves love and respect, and any criticism about the choices she makes in regards to her pregnancy need to be left out of the conversation.