Fans REALLY Want Hannah G. To Be The Next Bachelorette

Rick Rowell/ABC

As this season of The Bachelor draws closer to its conclusion, speculation over who will be the next to anchor their own season of the dating show franchise is on the rise. While fans won't know who the role will go to until the official announcement, likely during the Bachelor finale, there are several clues that Hannah G. will be the next Bachelorette when the next season comes around later this year.

As Colton's season of The Bachelor draws to a close, the questions that fans have been asking since the season's start are finally closer than ever to being answered. Who will Colton propose to? What causes Colton to launch himself over that fence that we've seen in every "coming up on The Bachelor" segment that just hasn't come up quick enough? Did Elyse make the right call be leaving the show of her own accord and avoiding a possible Arie 2.0 situation? While fans may be in for yet another finale that Chris Harrison will absolutely call the "most dramatic Bachelor finale of all time," the promise of a new Bachelorette at the end of it all makes the long wait worth it, and the show seems to have been priming Hannah G. for the honors.

She's Been Getting A Great Edit

The makers of The Bachelor turn hours and hours of footages into a scant two-hour episode, meaning that they have the power to control how a season's contestants are perceived. The version of Hannah G shows on The Bachelor is inviting, fun, and personable — which is the exact kind of set-up that previous Bachelorettes like Becca and Rachel got on their seasons of The Bachelor before they got their own season of television to find a fianceé amongst over two dozen suitors.

She's Got A Huge Following

Doing well as a contestant on The Bachelor is an almost sure-fire way to amass an impressive social media following, but even with that in mind Hannah G. has still collected an impressive number of followers. Of the final four contestants on the season, Hannah G. has the second highest Instagram follower count (637,000 followers), only a few tens of thousands behind Cassie, who has 671,000 followers. That's over half a million people who would likely follow Hannah G. to her own season of television should she be given one.

Fans Are Calling For Hannah G To Take Up The Mantle

The only people more important to the success of The Bachelorette than the titular woman herself are the show's fans, who decide whether or not they'll be setting aside two hours a week this summer to follow the Bachelorette's love journey. The fact that many fans are excited at the mere prospect of Hannah G. as the subject of a season of Bachelorette is a strong indicator that if the show wants plenty of viewers, Hannah G. is the ideal choice.

Unfortunately, even if fans had most definitive clues as to the identity of the next Bachelorette, all we can really do is speculate on the matter until the star of next season is announced. There are plenty worthy candidates for the role, but it's hard to deny that Hannah G. would be a stellar addition to a long line of impressive women. Thankfully, even if she doesn't end up on Bachelorette, there's always Paradise.