How Corinne Could Actually Win 'The Bachelor'

Rick Rowell/ABC

There’s one bad apple (or a good apple that’s shown to be worse than she is) on every season of The Bachelor, and, on Nick Viall’s season, that apple is Corinne Olympios. Sure, she has a nanny, can’t do her own laundry (she admitted this — this is not me putting that on her), and sleeps a lot during rose ceremonies, but there’s something about Corinne that Nick undoubtedly likes. She’s still around, after all, and Nick has sent home many other women in favor of keeping Corinne. In fact, Corinne may win the whole Bachelor competition.

Of course, like any good season of The Bachelor, it hasn’t been drama-free. Corinne’s modus operandi for her time on the show is just to go and take Nick’s time whenever she wants it, and if you have ever seen any episode of The Bachelor before, the other women on the show don’t exactly take kindly to Corinne’s interruptions of their conversations. Corinne also leads with her sexuality when it comes to Nick, and while I am firmly in the camp that a woman should use her sexuality in any manner in which she is comfortable with, the other contestants on The Bachelor are also unhappy that Corinne is getting so cozy with Nick at this point in the show.

Is it jealousy? Maybe. Is it also the pressure cooker of being on a reality television show? Yeah, it’s definitely that, too. But, since we’ve already grossly underestimated one reality television star in the past six months (yes, I'm talking about Trump), I’m here to say that Corinne could win this whole damn Bachelor season. Here’s why I think Nick could give Corinne a final rose and a big, fat Neil Lane sparkler.

Corinne Makes Nick Laugh

You could be the hottest person on the planet, but if you don’t have something else in common with your partner, that relationship is not going to last. Commonly, people tend to like others who make them laugh. I’m not sure that Corinne is actually a humorous person, but Nick seems to be highly amused by her, and that kind of feeling lasts long after their looks have faded.

Corinne Is Serious About Nick

Corinne may be a lot younger than Nick (24 to his 36), but she’s the one who knows her own heart. If she thinks she is ready for a serious relationship (even a marriage), then more power to her. That kind of sincerity isn’t easy to find, and, if Nick sees it, I think he’ll be drawn to it.

Corinne Isn’t There To Make Friends

Corinne’s said multiple times that she’s not really into making pals in the Bachelor mansion — she’s there for Nick and only Nick. She has no time for distractions, and a guy like Nick who has been on reality television for, like, 30 years may be really into that kind of attention.

Corinne Makes For Great Television

I’ve watched more seasons of The Bachelor than I’d care to admit, and I know the formula pretty well. Corinne makes for excellent television because she’s so divisive. You love Corinne, or you hate Corinne, and those are the kind of fervent opinions that make people tune in to see what she does next. Nick knows how to make a television show at this point (because, like I said, he’s been around the reality TV block), and maybe Nick just wants to keep Corinne around to see what she’ll do next. Can’t blame him.

Will Corinne take home Nick’s heart on The Bachelor? Either way, the fireworks will be spectacular.