Cole Haan's New Collection Has Everything You Need To Stay Stylish This Fall

by Eliza Florendo
Cole Haan

For a majority of the world, January marks the beginning of the new year — that's when resolutions are made and people start fresh. For the fashion world, though, it's in the fall. Cole Haan's fall collection is like the perfect start to a new year during fashion's most beloved time.

With September practically at your fingertips, it's time to get serious about your fall fashion transition. Sure, you can keep some skirts and tees in your wardrobe, but you've got to make room for coats, boots, vests, and a favorite of everyone's: chunky sweaters.

Cole Haan's fall collection features everything you could possibly need for the summer-to-fall adjustment, from shoes to accessories. And they all come in the most beautiful, rich hues. If fall is your time to reinvent your professional style, then Cole Haan is your go-to brand.

Chelsea boots, classic belts, and low-heeled shoes all make an appearance in this collection. But don't be fooled — sure, these items are professional in nature, but then can be played up for more casual events, too. Made with Italian leathers, beautiful velvet, and metallic accents, the line's luxurious items come with an affordable and fair price tag.

Cole Haan

Collection Block Heel Loafer, $440, Cole Haan

How gorgeous are these?

Collection Ballet Flat, $360, Cole Haan

Practical flats are the perfect item for fall.

Cole Haan

Blue Wrap Coat, $420, Macy's

Such a beautiful blue coat.

Cole Haan

Genevieve Weave Large Continental Wallet, $250, Cole Haan

Don't forget their super-stylish wallets.

Cole Haan

Garden at Midnight Pave Cocktail Ring, $98, Cole Haan | Garden at Midnight Stone Line Bracelet, $118, Cole Haan | Garden at Midnight Linear Drop Earrings, $48, Cole Haan

And gorgeous jewels.

Haircalf Gloves, $160, Cole Haan

Gloves to warm you up.

Cole Haan

Grand Tour Oxford Sneakers, $150, Macy's

Loafers that are both stylish and functional.

Collection Marli Clutch, $350, Cole Haan

The perfect print for fall.

Marli Mini Satchel, $360, Cole Haan

A boss handbag.

With this new collection, Cole Haan is basically informing fashion lovers that yes, style and comfort can exist together — you can "really have it all," according to the brand. Polished, yet playful, this collection understands that the modern woman wants and needs long-lasting, classic items.

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