College Majors As Michael Scott Quotes Is The ‘Office’ Viral Thread You’ve Always Needed


On The Office, Michael Scott was not a very good boss. He was always saying the wrong thing and was insensitive to his employees' needs. But a new Twitter thread uses Michael Scott to summarize college majors, proves that the character understands education — just maybe not in a conventional sense. The brilliant meme started by Twitter user Daniel McCrystal uses hilarious Office quotes and screen shots out of context to describe various college majors in a way that only the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Regional Manager could.

As anyone who has watched The Office is likely aware, Michael Scott is an exceedingly quotable character. The buffoonish lines uttered by Steve Carell vary from being politically incorrect to ignorant to petty to even childlike. Really, it's a shame Michael isn't around today to explain the bonkers current events through his unique, very uninformed prism.

But just because he himself didn't got to college (he lost his tuition money in a pyramid scheme, naturally) — and just because he doesn't seem to know much of anything beyond Meryl Streep's illustrious acting career and the paper business — doesn't stop him from talking about a wide range of subjects. It's the willingness to run his mouth that provided the perfect fodder for the Twitter thread, which took the already funny lines and made them even funnier with the new context.

McCrystal's Twitter thread started with a brief description, and then dove right in, all together covering over 40 college majors.

In general, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related subjects just aren't Michael's bag.

Though, then again, Scott also seemed to lack basic knowledge of some of the liberal arts subjects.

And he really should not be trusted with anything related to politics or public policy.

In a weird way it makes sense that Michael's quotes could be applied to describing (in a simplified, silly way) so many majors. After all, the character spent his seven-season run as the series lead growing and learning in his own slow way. When he finally left the show, quitting his job at the paper company he worked for so many years, it kind of felt like the seven-year senior was finally graduating. Though, as his parting words proved ("That's what she said"), he had grown personally but had not necessarily matured.

Though we all know if he was in college he would have trouble deciding on just one subject to focus on — unless he could major in "work friendships."

McCrystal tweeted out dozens of examples (you can read the full thread here), and he's even began taking suggestions. Though, really, if you enjoyed it, you can also play the game as you re-watch the episodes on Netflix; it's a pretty fun way to enjoy a series you already know every episode of anyway.

Some people did just that, tweeting their own versions of the meme in reply to McCrystal's epic post.

If you don't find a good quote to fit your very specific major, there's good news. With the talk of a The Office revival in the pipeline, we might get some more appropriately inappropriate quotes as soon as late 2018. Unfortunately, if the workplace comedy does make a comeback, the quotes will be delivered by a new favorite character. TV Line reported a few months back that Steve Carrell will not return for the series revival, but NBC is possibly looking for a new boss now to lead the way in wild quotes.

In the meantime, there's nothing stoping you from marathoning all nine seasons of the American version of the series on Netflix or the original British one on Hulu. Its a great way to put off studying for that college exam.